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I just went to a wine tasting with an Irish
focus for the up coming St Patricks.. the
foreword on the menu had several Limericks that I thought were great..Can anyone here add some of their own?

1) I skipped to the home of my gal..
I asked if she would like to dine..
She simply replied with a smile..Only with
the perfect wine.

I told her..
I'll open the Opus
I'll open the Silver Oak
I'll even open my 82 Guard La Rose

She then smiled and said
silly man fill my glass again with
that Wild Irish Rose.

2) She says she may like me.
She says she wants to know me.
Indeed she soon shall wake
up in my bed with an empty bottle
of Amarone.

3) Chardonnay for the ladies,
Cabernet for the gents.
Drinkin the good stuff
while servin the bad..
Is money well spent.
Original Post
There once was a lady from Galway
Who loved rack of lamb with red Gamay
But one time a year
She only drank beer
To celebrate merry St. Pat's Day.

There was a cute lass from the Rhone
Who loved many wines from Bourgogne
When selecting Granache
She replied with panache
I'd rather have Cabernet Sauvignon.

Can't do much better at 6 A.M.
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