iPod, iPhone, iPad Docking Reviews:

What docking station are you currently using for portable music? I have seen some with 15-20 hours of battery power which would be very convenient.

Pricing is all over the map, from $100 - $1000+.

What model do you own?

Would you buy it again? Why/why not?

Is it easy to pick up and move around?

What should I be looking for?

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I much prefer connecting via bluetooth than docking. That way you can still multitask on your iphone or other device which is not possible if it is docked.

For an ultra compact speaker, I just bought the Juice MG4 Micro Bluetooth Speaker Pod for $40 at costco (about the size of a small V8 can). Perfect for my intended use which is to play music at the beach or other remote location.


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