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Very Sad indeed. I was shocked when I heard this and then saw the accident on TV.

being an ex-F1 official, and officiaeing at Indy [CART DAYS] and MIS etc. I am quite aware of the dangers in this type of racing.

Speeds were too high for this event, and too close. The high winds at the track did not help either.

Dan will be missed.
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We are HUGE Indycar fans and were watching yesterday when the accident happened. I was actually working on a surprise trip for my wife's birthday to go catch it as we usually go to Sonoma and one other each season, but things just didn't come together.

Weldon was a great man and a great ambassador for Indycar and racing in general. He was one of our favorite drivers as well and will be sorely missed by his fans. Our prayers go out for his wife and boys - RIP.

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