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I bought a single burner induction cooker for my parents to use in their retirement apartment.

You can set the display to show either F temp or just a numeric scale from 1-5. I would assume that a full-featured induction cooktop would have better and more precise temperature control than the little unit I bought.

It heats quickly and evenly, and the cooktop surface itself doesn’t get hot - other than some heat that’s transferred from the pot.  

The main reservation: you’ll likely need new cookware because it only works with either cast iron or stainless steel with a high ferrous content base.

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I love induction stove tops when it involves anything that needs to boil.  the temperature control is unmatched in my opinon.

But for normal cooking it's always going to be gas for me. Alot of my cooking involves getting that flame as high and large as possible so i can do a stir fry.

Induction doesn't lend itself to stir frying as well.

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