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Originally posted by sven brusels:
if no local wines....any ideas about the prices of foreign wines there, and the quality?

I'm still trying to find wine that matches Indian food. If it's not too spicy an off-dry white may have a chance, I can't see anything red surviving (excpet maybe a chilled Beaujolais).

Beer is probably the best bet for the local food. I've only had one Indian wine, from Sula vineyards - nothing great, but not bad either.

Either way you'll find the local food great, you're up in the North so it will be Naan bread and Dalh dominated, less rice dishes. Enjoy!
I'm so jealous. I think India would b a fascinating place to visit. As far as food and wine pairings, I agree that beer is best. I look to the culture that the cuisine is from to see what the people drink with their food. I do not believe we could call India a wine drinking nation by any stretch of the imagination. Perhaps you could experiment with some of the local, exotic teas?

Have a safe trip.
I lived 6 years in India, but have not lived there since 1998. When I lived there, the Indian wines were horrible. I've tasted some since, from some supposedly "up and coming" wineries, but they were only slightly better than horrible. My suggestion is to drink beer, but make sure that it is not one laced with glycerin, which may give you a headache.

If you can find any drinkable wine at all, it will likely be only in the European-style restaurant which most 5 star hotels offer, and I bet it will cost tons and perhaps not have been well cellared. Feel free to ask the maitre'd about that, or even to see the cellar, my experience with top Indian hotels and restaurants is that they don't mind that kind of thing at all, in fact they are usually very proud to show you.

The Oberoi in Delhi was one of the top hotels there, and probably still is. Eat at the rooftop restaurant then go out on the patio there for a view over the golf course, which is built on a 16th century (I think) graveyard full of Mughal tombs.

The Oberoi in Agra was a mere 4 star hotel, but still nice. I've stayed in that one, though they may have build a 5 star by now.

I don't recall an Oberoi in Jaipur, we stayed at the Rambagh Palace Hotel, which is a feast for the eyes, if nothing else. You may wish to consider switching you reservation to the latter, or at least checking it out online. It was part of the Taj chain.

The coolest hotel in India, if not the world, is the Lake Palace in Udaipur, just a short plane ride from Jaipur. Costs a fortune now, but how often does one get to stay in a maharajah's summer palace, made of marble, which appears to float in the middle of a lake? It was the palace of Octopussy in the movie of the same name.

we were in Udaipur for week earlier this year,

If you stayed in the Lake Palace or City Palace hotels, how much did you pay? (if you don't mind me asking.... Red Face). And if you stayed elsewhere, where and same question? We have friends planning to go but my knowledge of such details is obviously outdated.
We stayed at The Grand Laxmi Vilas Palace,nice quiet comfortable place
but not as grand as the Taj Lake Palace or The Udai Vilas Palace.
It is located on top of a hill overlooking one of the lakes, I loved the location, I think it used to be a hunting lodge/palace, nice big rooms, good restaurant but that is about it. I think we paid somewhere between $ 275 to $ 325 per night.

The Trident is also nice if one likes a more western style resort hotel.

Our location guide told us that even though the Taj Palace can be really nice when the lake is full and you have to arrive by boat there are times when the lake is down and it is just surrounded by mud

The timing is good and there are tons of things which you should be aware of - first of all, there is a huge cultural difference between us, just be ready for that. And of course keep in mind, that you need to apply for a visa online , which can be done on this site The application process is not complicated though, and you don't need a lot of papers.

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@Mirkos posted:

What do you guys think about India in October -November? Is it a good time to travel? What are some things I should be aware of, before traveling to this country?

Please see my comments above from a few years ago. As Mimik mentioned, we lived there for 6 years and I travelled all over the country for both business and pleasure.  I'd be happy to share my top places to go and things to see if you wish, or, if you'd like to say where you plan to go and why, I'd be happy to offer tips if I have any specific to those places.

October/November is a perfect time to go to India.  If you can time your visit to be there for Diwali November 10-14, even better, as it's a wonderful time to be there. 

As for things to be aware of, I can think of nothing in particular.  But that being said, it's a big country with all sorts of things going on, mostly good, but not always, so check the US Embassy page to see if there are any warnings about any parts of the country you plan to visit. 

A final thought - if you are going for sightseeing I suggest you include Kathmandu in Nepal.  I've lived and travelled all over the world and India is far and away the most interesting country I know, but Kathmandu is a city not to be missed and is easily reached from most Indian cities.

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