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Need a small place to vent my frustration at Galt Wine Cellars. They were extremely helpful from intiial conversations until order date. They took all my calls and were very patient with my questions. One satisfied, I decided to place an order. This is the day my frustrations begin.

June 10th - I place my order. At this time I was told it can take up to 8 weeks, but usually only takes 5 weeks until delivery. Sounds good, I am happy.

July 15th - I called to check on a status, its been 5 weeks. Spoke to Mike. Was told there was still 3 weeks until my due date of Aug 5, the full 8 weeks. I mentioned that he had mentioned it might take 5 weeks, but that is ok, he did say up to 8. He didnt say anything either when I mentioned that, so I let it be.

July 27th - I get a call that some of the redwood cedar shelving I had ordered could not be used as the company did not build with slider shelves anymore. While not happy, ok, no problem, nothing I can do. I then said, my due date is next week and I have not heard from a shipping company yet like they mentioned I would 1 week prior to shipping. Mike said, I heard there may be some problems with some cooling system parts that could delay thinigs 1 week, however I did not hear that would affect you. I asked to find out and was told I would get a call back.

August 2nd - I get a call from the shipper. Excellent, except the shipper tells me I was not due to ship until October! I asked them if I can call them back. I call Mike at Galt and was told that is absolute nonsense, must be confusion. Ok, Mike knows best as I purchase from Galt.

August 5th - No calls from Galt, so I call, Where is my cellar? We'll get back to you I was told.
August 12th (1 week late) - I get a call from Galt that there is a further 2 week delay. My response, I understand, these things happen,. however, can you tell me why? Mike guessed at production delays. I said, well how come you did not know about this? How come you didnt check at my due date that this was the case? Why are you first finding out a week AFTER my due date? Can you find out what the issue is and call me back please. Mike said ok.

August 23rd - Missed the 2nd due date, now 3 weeks late. After about 10 calls and emails to Galt, they never return any call nor any email. I finally decide to take my own action and go around Galt and call the manufacturer myself. They tell me that my due date is September 28th, which is today, another 5 weeks.

August 24th - Mike finally calls where I politely, but sternly ask, "What the hell is going on here?" I got nothing back from Mike. Again I said, "Why is this late?" Again, no reasons. I did find out that they use email and fax only to talk to suppliers and never actually talk to anyone on the phone. Lovely. Needless to say, I am angry as heck. Galt has been useless to find any reason why this is happening. I also say, "Arent you concerned you are recommending a supplier who is going to be 8 weeks late on a product and you have no idea why?" Galt didnt care one bit. How do I know? By August 24th, they had no idea the item would be late. I found out for them by picking up the phone...and they still had no idea why.

Today - 16 weeks into my ordeal - I call Galt and ask Linda where my cellar was. Anyone to guess what happened? I'll get back to you. About two hours later I get a voicemail on my cell phone. Very politely Linda says, "Your order is due to ship on October 7th." No reasons why another week delay, nor do I believe they care. I called back and asked for the reasons why. I do not expect to hear back.

I will never do business with these guys again. I would never recommend anyone do business with them. I am not sure if any others have shared my pain with them. Anyone want to place some bets on my October 7th ship date?
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Cant get a vintagekeeper as I am in NYC need a credenza unit or nothing can fit. I thought to cancel last time, threatenened when I received no phone call back for two weeks, but figured I'd give its one last attempt. I am still waiting for Mike to call me back today... I know it wont happen.

I still remember day 1 the order. They charged my credit card half, and Mike said, "We charge the other half in 30 days because it is only a week or so thereafter you should have your cellar.

I am sure I'll be happy once I receive my cellar, IF I receive it. I just cannot believe the lack of care from these guys. They take orders and never check a single thing and never follow up with anyone. How do they get such great ratings if their customer service is so horrible? Is it just that the manufacturers make little mistakes so they are off the hook??
I think you should do whatever works best for you. If this is the only unit you want/need, then that drives everything.

Personally, if it were me I would not want to give that company the message that they can treat me as they did you, and still they get to keep my money. That gives them the impression that their customers will accept shabby treatment while the company will continue to prosper. Even if I really wanted the unit, I'd cancel to let them know I'm unhappy. I'm the sort of person who will cut off my nose to spite my face; that may not be best for you.

Hope there's a happy resolution at the end.
My new personal diary:
Sep 28, 7:32pm EST. I receive an email from Galt that is a fax copy of their question to their supplier. Yes, no phone calls, they faxed over a question and receive a fax back (covered earlier that Galt actually never uses the telephone to talk to anyone)

Galt: PO xxxx is wanting to know why his ship date keeps getting pushed back. Please let me know somthing so I can forward onto him.

Nameless Supplier: The reason is keeps getting pushed back is because we have to wait for breezaire. It takes them a while to ship.

I posed the question back. I ordered on June 10th. What was the date that the breezaire unit was ordered? Is it normal for breezaire to take 4 1/2 months to ship a unit?

I do have my breaking point. I notified Galt that if my unit does not ship on or before my 4th date, 17 weeks later, on or before October 7th, consider my order cancelled. I should have done it a while ago, however I guess I have too much faith that most people are good in heart.

Does anyone have any suggesstions on a reputable supplier? Should I just pay the extra 1000 bux and get a like unit from IWA?
I am stunned and shocked.

9/28/2005 8:08pm EST. I receive another email from Galt after I informed them if they are late again, I will cancel. Here is verbatim their email.

"in the middle of a hurricane threat and the evacuation of 2.8 million people.

cancel anytime you want. "

And my reply

Great. Then considering your attitude to your customers, consider it cancelled. I will inform my credit card company immediately. I live in New York City. I survived 9/11. I have compassion beyond your wildest imagination for what I have seen, what I have experienced on that day, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. In this case, my unit is being built in California and you dare to write this statement back to me. You are making excuses on the back of another of this great country’s terrible tragedy and for that I could never ever do business with you.

I hope my experience with this company steers others clear of ever trying to do business with Galt Wine Cellars. These are just terrible incompetent people.

If anyone thinks I am making any of this up, I am more than happy to forward the jpeg faxes and copies of emails that I have.
Originally posted by whowhat:
I am stunned and shocked.

If anyone thinks I am making any of this up, I am more than happy to forward the jpeg faxes and copies of emails that I have.

Bring in your witnesses, stunned and shocked. I am Judge Grunhauser, possessor of multiple minor league NPPs trophies. My verdicts are completely reversible and my justice is swift and prejudiced.
This court session is adjourned.

p.s. I also know how to make Judge Wapner's eggplant appetiser and hold degrees in good housekeeping and animal rescue.
The saga continues. So after never being able to get any info out of Galt, now I cannot get them to stop emailing me! They are basically telling me that their invitation to cancel the order well, was not really an invitation, and they will NOT refund all my money, even though they are 9 weeks late and counting...full of excuses etc etc etc.

Here is the exact paste of the email. Simply amazing.

My email: I have just contacted my Credit Card company and as their policy if must first ask that you credit my card before lodging a complaint to dispute the charges. I ask that you immediately remove the charges from my card during theirs and your normal business hours tomorrow, Thursday September 29th. I will re-phone my credit card company tomorrow and if by that point you have not initiated a credit I will lodge a dispute of the charges. This email will also be forwarded onto my credit card company as well.

I will also be calling xxxxx by telephone at yyyyy to notify her personally of my dissatisfaction and my cancellation.

Galt Wine Cellars Response:
knock your lights out. we honor our contractual terms - and we will enforce yours.

call anyone you wish. your cancellation and refund will be processed according to contract.

you do your thing and we will certainly do ours.

Does this sound like a company anyone would recommend???? Does this sound like proper business???? Does this sound like a company that is 9 weeks late on delivering a product???

Can you believe it sounds as if I will have to take these guys to court to get my money back????

I do, however, have their inviatation to cancel anytime I want.
From: Galt Wine Cellars []
Sent: Wednesday, September 28, 2005 8:08 PM
To: xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: wine cellar

in the middle of a hurricane threat and the evacuation of 2.8 million people.
cancel anytime you want.

----------- Note the date

Their response:
Whowhat- Galt has not honored the terms of the agreement(delivered within 8 weeks). If it custom made, they may charge you a cancellation fee. But if Galt has not shipped the goods(& you should tell them not to-you did tell them they had until Oct 7, since they could say "it shipped yesterday"), that's all you need to dispute your credit card. The 90 day CC dispute period from the purchase date doesn't apply because it is a future sale. It doesn't start until the goods arrive at your location.

Ignore Board-O. Keep us informed, because the next few days will be critical.
This is unbelievable. I can't believe the utter disrespect they have for you as a customer. And to use a nation's horrible tragedy as an excuse... that's the lowest form of life out there. You are dealing with the "bottom of the barrel."

You should be entitled to your full refund... they broke their contract with you (by not delivering by the promise date); therefore, all terms of the contract are null-and-void. I'd proceed to have your credit card company "do their thing." Also, I'd contact the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and file a complaint against them. Make sure you inform Gault that you plan to do so. Lastly, send them this link to let them know that their utter disregard for customer service is being viewed by many. I, for one, will never even consider ordering from them. I'm sure others feel the same way.

Good luck, and keep us informed.
Okay, here's my assessment.

This company is in financial trouble and is leveraged to the hilt. They used your money long ago to pay other bills. They waited to order your stuff until some other poor soul paid them money under the erroneous assumption that Galt would actually use their money to order their equipment. They can't and won't refund your money because they don't have it. At some point, they will either declare bankruptcy or be indicted for financial fraud.

Call me crazy, but I'll bet there's at least an element of truth here.

Oh, by the way....

There is a whole lot more to the story that really makes a lot of what you are saying make sense and sound true, but I dont think so. Personally I just think Galt took my order as they do everyone else's, faxes a P/O to another company, and then they are done as dar as they are concerned. If the place they purchase from is ok, then you are ok, and if not, you wind up in my situation. Absolutely no care for customer service. I deserved better than an email a week after a due date that only has a new date with no explanations. That was after a week+ of no return phone calls or emails.

Galt was pretty clear they do not plan on refunding all my money and I have all the documentation in the world that I feel I need to prove my case. (On the contract they do say they do say, "Occasions will rarely arise that will result in some shipping delays" and they think that covers them. Well, they are 0-5 delivery dates in my book, and that is not occasional nor rare.

Maybe sweet melissa is correct. I have other info which makes your story very plausable, but I wont make any acusations. We'll see when and if my refund comes in.

These stories about Galt is nothing new. Here is the search result on this topic.

Personally, my dealing with Galt was as smooth as possible. If you read through some of those threads, you can see that while most folks had no problem with Galt and would be more than happy to recommend Galt to others. On the other hand, there are a few nightmare situations. The interesting thing about these nightmare situations is that most of the complaints comes from new posters, perhaps just coincidence.

I don't think Galt is in financial trouble. You are likely correct on saying that the result depends on the particular company Galt is dealing with. To the best of my knowledge, Galt act as a broker and does not keep any physical inventory.

In any case, good luck with your situation, hope everything well work out eventually.
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Do not take my new ID as anything. I had an old ID with many a post from years back but I forgot my ID and my password. I started this new one just before my Napa trip a few weeks back. I also do not hink I am bashing at all, just stating fact.

Pyang - I notice you have neal on your sig. I visited with Mark and Gove a few weeks ago at the vineyard. They gave me and my wife a private tour and we sampled a barrel of the 03 Atlas Peak. Great juice and two of the nicest people I met on my visit.

To continue my other story: I received a call from the actual company that Galt purchased from (purposefully nameless). Maybe it will work out, we'll see, but I will definately not be dealing with Mike ever again.

I am not taking your new ID as anything. I read through your posts prior to this thread and I have no reason to doubt what you have to say. As I pointed out, it's just very interesting that most complaints with Galt happen to be from new folks without any track record. Certainly, you are not in that group.

Glad you made it up to the winery, sounds like you had a good time. As I recall it's the surprise trip you were planning for your husband?

Too bad I didn't get to meet you during your visit, perhaps next time.
Originally posted by Board-O:
I place less importance on a newbie with a big ax to grind. Tripdaddy loves this stuff. Roll Eyes

Interesting that you place less importance on newbies? Do you give less credibility to a news story on TV because it was done by an anchor you have never seen? Does that make it less credible?

Ok, it is the internet, not TV, so I can somewhat understand, sorta. How about this. You are located in NY, so am I. If perhaps you are located in NYC, send me an email address, I'll email you my details, and come on by.

I offer three things. One, we can sit and have a bottle or two of wine. My cellar (well, lack thereof) and you choose the bottles. Anyting I have except Pride (my wife's favorite and she has dibs), your choice. Many of my older wines are sitting in a different cellar and have not made it to NYC yet (as my cellar has not) however since it was supposed to be here in August, there is a lot of things laying around that I started to bring back, and I'm not even really sure what (in the 125 bottle range). Two, I'll show you all the details I have. Three, you make your objective opinion, come back here, and report whether you think I've been screwed or I "have an ax to grind".
Originally posted by whowhat:
Interesting that you place less importance on newbies? Do you give less credibility to a news story on TV because it was done by an anchor you have never seen? Does that make it less credible?

No. But there have been a number of posts in the past from people who have not contributed here that start off with a complaint of how they've been wronged. I don't doubt your story, though I'm sure the other party has a different version.
I could find some compassion for Galt if they showed some (compassion) for whowhat. All companies make mistakes and they always seem to snowball. What is unacceptable is their reaction to the situation- indifference and defensive bs. They should be busting their butt to reverse the ugly momentum on this sale- send whowhat a botle of wine, waive shipping costs, do something, anything to pacify the situation. Just one business owner's opinion.
Originally posted by Board-O:
Originally posted by whowhat:
Interesting that you place less importance on newbies? Do you give less credibility to a news story on TV because it was done by an anchor you have never seen? Does that make it less credible?

No. But there have been a number of posts in the past from people who have not contributed here that start off with a complaint of how they've been wronged. I don't doubt your story, though I'm sure the other party has a different version.

Well, as I've told, they correspond via email and rarely the phone. My offer stands. Come see the emails. Read them all.

Cometspider - After the first delay, they did offer to send me some wine glasses etched with any initials I wanted. I deferred and just wanted to know what had happened and why it was late. When I asked if they can get me that info, rather that actually providing the information, I received a two word email, "will do". Will do never happened.
Originally posted by whowhat:
Anyting I have except Pride (my wife's favorite and she has dibs), your choice.

Originally posted by whowhat:
Taking my husband on a surprise trip to Napa and we'll have Monday & Tuesday to visit wineries, flying out Wednesday afternoon.

Okay, I am confused, are you the wife or husband? Confused
Originally posted by Sweet Melissa:

Call me crazy, but I'll bet there's at least an element of truth here.

Oh, by the way....


Sweet Melissa - Have you noticed that Galt has removed your post on their forum????
What does this say about them now?

In addition, I posted their comment to me regarding the terrible disaster, well, have a look at a new section on their website entitled wine's significance. Interesting how that popped up just after their comments.
To All,

I have an incredibly unexpected update. One of significant importance. One that will probably require its own topic. I am truly shocked. As I know Mike Stanton from Galt is reading this thread, I will continue to be open and honest and only print facts. You can make your own decision. Because of what I am about to write, I open my Board-O invitation up to anyone here in the NYC area. This Thursday I am free. My cellar, my evidance, your opinions right here on this website. Just post me an email to send you the details. All I ask is you post your opinion when the evening is over.

Here goes:

Today, to my work email, I receive my subscription confirmation to porn websites. Yes, porn websites to my work email. The user id that is was subscribed to was my real name. Thw password the my subscription was created to was whowhat1. Here are some other facts:

Galt Wine Cellars knows my home email.
Galt Wine Cellars known my work email.
whowhat is neither registered to my work or my home email.
whowhat is not registered to my real name. It is registerd to my spam yahoo email and name.

How did porn email sites match my work email with my winespectator NEW id. Remember, I forgot my old ID and this was created just before my Napa trip a few weeks ago.

There is only 1 person on earth, to my knowledge, that could possibly sink the two together.

I have already notified my work security officer and engineering department, as well as directed them to this thread.

Can you add 1+1???

Is this not sick???
THis wstory is about to get much much worse, if possible.

I finally got in touch with the head of engineering at my company to explain the fact that he may be seeing porn coming into my email address and the reason why. My head of engineering cuts me off and says "Does the name Mike Stanton sound familiar?" Oh geez. I say, let me finish mine, then you tell me yours. Well, his starts like this. First, Mike Stanton calld my head of engineering twice, and left two messages. The calls were not returned. Next, Mike called my head of engineering at HOME and left a third messgae. How did he get this number? The only was is to do a whois on my work domain, which shows his work phone, then to do a phone number lookup, and dial aimlessly as the numerous same names until he gets the right one.

It looks as if Mike is trying to attack my livelihood. I can mention his name here as I have recorded material of Mike calling other people at my place of work.

Thank god I called and explained myself.

Hey Mike -- Kevin will call you on Monday and since you already know my name, address, phone, credit card, and every other personal piece of my information, we are both really interested in what you have to say. Why not post here and say your peace???
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