ISO a digital recording of my favorite Ray Charles song. It is from the “B” side of a 1966 single “Please Say You’re Fooling” and was then released in the US in 1968 on the album A Portrait of Ray. Neither has ever been digitized, as far as I can tell. There *have* been intentional digital remasters and re-releases (eg. Golden Voices) but I don’t know how or where to purchase them.  If anyone has this song digitally, if you could let me know how you got it, I would appreciate it.



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I've not heard these discs, but the song was released on a couple of compilation CD's of his on the specialty label DCC Compact Classics:

His Greatest Hits (Uh-Huh) or Uh-Huh, His Greatest Hits 1992, DCC Compact Classics, D2 33079 (2 CDs)
His Greatest Hits Vol. 1 1987, DCC Compact Classics, DZS-036

To find one of these, and it won’t be easy for such a small label, you would likely have to purchase through a seller on You can also search to find other releases, but just be careful that you aren't getting bootlegs or live recordings. 

Here is a full CD quality FLAC version for $1.29 (choose from 5 albums out of 12 available with that song- there is a small FLAC token in the corner to designate those) from one of my favorite download sites as you can get full and hi rez downloads on a lot of stuff by the song at good prices.  The rest are 320kps MP3's (most sites are 256kps).  Just used it earlier today.

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