If you could only pick one place in Napa for breakfast, what would it be? For lunch? For dinner?
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Breakfast? Oakville Grocery to load up on complex carbs needed not to fall over after a day of wine tasting. Lunch? Depends where I am, but Taylor's (or Oakville Grocery) for quick and casual. Market for not quite as quick and casual. I just don't do the fancy lunch thing. Dinner? French Laundry. Granted, I've never been.
There are way too many good places for lunch or dinner to recommend just one without further information.

For breakfast, I'd pick Gillwoods (St. Helena and Napa).
French Laundry is a trip of its own. You'll spend at least 3 hours there (I was there over 4) and ideally you don't want to have spent the day wine tasting.

I can't speak for breakfast, but for lunch I typically grab some nice cheese, bread and pate on the way up and have a picnic somewhere, or get a sandwich at Dean & Deluca or the Soda Canyon Deli.

For dinner recommendations, head over to Wino Depot and page pyang. He knows where's good right now and where isn't.
Can't say for breakfast.

Lunch at Bouchon was enjoyable. I had decent meals at the CIA. Taylor's Refresher was way overpriced. $16 for a burger onion rings and a water. Mustard's was a good lunch, too.

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