I was thinking about his today and got to wondering what others might say.

If you could pick one producer (house/winemaker) to fill your cellar... You could have any bottle in their portfolio... but you couldn't have anything else. This is one of your end of the world decisions. The nukes are flying and you are in your bomb shelter/wine cellar full of only one producers wines. Who would it be?
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Easy choice for me: Sine Qua Non!

1) I love everything I've ever tasted from them, 2) they're my favorite producer that makes the absolute highest quality white, rose, various reds, and various dessert wines (hey, if I only get one producer, I don't want someone who only produces reds or doesn't make a sticky), and 3) I can drink them young or hold them, and they're always delicious.
A few New World Producers comes to mind: Penfolds, Catena, or Ridge, for their broad lineups. But my final decision is d'Yquem, because the sugar level helps combat depression in a post-apocalyptic world, but that's just me. Wink

Its all good to have your doomsday bunker stuffed with immortal red like Montrose or Latour, but how are you going to survive 10 years underground drinking that tannic beast everyday? Might be more fun to open the door and let the zombies in or the radiation kill you instead.

And lastly, NO BURGUNDY because you might need to make molotov cocktails out of the empty bottles; thus light-weight clarets will give you better grip, distance and accuracy.
I've narrowed it down to 3: D, R, C.

They make great reds, and a pretty good white that I've only dreamed about trying. I'm pretty sure I could survive drinking only their products.

I can pretty much guarantee that once word gets out, a lot of my friends will be showing up at the door, each probably carting a couple bottles of some of the stuff mentioned above. Smile

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