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Hello, I am starting to enjoy this world of wines, I am trying to taste them to adjust my palate.
to the taste, they advised me to start with light wines . I think I have found some that I like, among them this
Belle Gloss Pinot Noir is something special. I tried it at friend party.
Now I want to buy at least 2 bottles, but I'm worried about how to keep them longer so they don't get damaged and since I don't usually drink the whole bottle thats one of main worries
I wouldn't want to find it damaged.
I have read some tips , but I don't know which one will be better. My friend told me that I could pour what I have left into a smaller bottle and put it in the refrigerator ,but am not sure ,have you tried this tip.
What works best for you ,when you have leftover wine that you want to save?

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What is this "leftover wine" you speak of?

Most wines of recent vintages will last 1-2 days if you just put it in the fridge to slow the oxidation reaction.  Longer than that and you might consider investiing in a coravin.  It's an amazing device, but the net cost per glass of wine is not insignificant when you factor in the cartridge costs.  I use mine when I'm drinking an aged wine alone. 

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