Well the high for today is -4C or about 25F. The temperature is supposed to rise over night (rising temps over night in Sask ??!?!??!?) with a high of +3C or 37F tomorrow.

To celebrate this great weather and the weekend I will be BBQ'ing Bison T-bones tonight on the grill Big Grin

MMM BBQing in Jan in Saskatchewan. Something is messed up!
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Now to figure out what I am going to drink with the bison T-bones.

I'm still in the boat that most of my wines are too young to drink. I'm still waiting for 2008 to come around, when I shouldn't have this problem anymore.

I might go for a Syrah, or a Meritage tonight.
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wow. living in warm climates since '91, i'd forgotten that everyone can't just walk outside any time of year and fire up the grill.

chalk one up for SoCal and Florida! Big Grin

Don't forget Texas. I grill a minimum of 2-3 times per week year round. Cool
Well the evening turned out to get a bit colder before it warmed up. The wind picked up which created a windchill. It felt like -14C or about 7F when I was BBQing.

No worries though as the T-bones came out perfect (med-rare) and the wine we had, 2001 Rosemount GSM was excellent.

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