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Hey. Good to hear. You can do either. I usually do not mix the pork into the meatballs because I use other pork meat (ribs, sausage, etc) in my sauce and I don't like to overdue the pork taste. I like more "meaty" meatballs if you will (with a good garlic and parsley taste). If you drop a few ribs or riblets in the sauce, straight round is recommended.

But, if you are just making meatballs (without other pork meat), feel free to do it that way. I have mixed ground pork before and it's just fine (not 1/2 1/2 though - 2 to 1 ground to pork.)

Good luck. Smile
This is Hunter's recipe:

Well, there are obviously hundreds of variables that people do. Like I said I normally cook it around noon, for eating around 4 or 5 hours later. Trust me on that part. It really comes together. The family sauce - as I do it goes as follows:

I don't do measurements (as we say in the old country ), so approx.

Extra virgin olive oil in the main sauce pot. I do not use "grilling or light oil" because I find the sauce or the garlic/onion tends to stick on the bottom and you can burn it, if not real careful with stirring - and I hate to babysit the stove. The EVOO really coats it, and it does taste better of course.

Chopped 1/3 or 1/2 an onion first, then mix in garlic (I use a lot). If you like more onion flavor, then use more and less garlic. I love garlic! and only use a little onion.

Pour good can of crushed tomatoes (not all canned tomatoes taste the same) There is a difference. Pay the extra 50 cents a can for good tomatoes. Like I said, I use Pastene. Usually 2 cans. I do not strain, it all goes in. I add maybe 1/2 can of water.

Salt, Pepper, 1/2 cup of dry red wine. cook on Med.

While that is going, I prepare the meatballs: pound and 1/2 of good chopped meat, chopped garlic, fresh parsley, 2 eggs, bread crumbs, a little salt. You can add to this, but I don't like "Busy meatballs"

Fry the meatballs in wide deep pan. Light coating of EVOO, so the meatballs don't stick. Very light heat (low/low-med). I'm not cooking them - they will be too hard if you cook too long, I just want some browning and to keep the MB's tight.

I drop the MB's in sauce.

I then use 6 or 7 good pork spare ribs. Anything pork and on the bone works! It's just for flavor. I basically sear them and drop them in sauce.

Sauce with the meat will cook low/low-med for an hour or so. I then turn it off completely.

My little trick comes an hour later. I cut up 2 vine or a few plum tomatoes in quarters and drop them in the sauce. I love a slab of fresh tomato with my macs. This creates an amazing puree built into the sauce too. I then cut up some fresh basil. Basil loses a lot if you use it too soon and it cooks out too long, so I drop it in towards the end while it is just sitting.

30 minutes before we are ready to eat - I turn the sauce back on. The "sit time" is the key.

"Season more to taste - if you want"

Whew! - Now I'm hungry. Maybe this should have been a separate topic.

OK OK - After this line: "Season more to taste - if you want"


Although, I have just nibbled on the sauce and meatballs by itself (for leftovers). Like a great soup - It is THAT good!

Also a great base for: Eggplant, Chicken or Veal Parm, or skip the meatballs and use ground beef for a meat sauce - for lasagna. On and On....

But of course it is first and foremost a macaroni sauce. Big Grin

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