Right now i am storing my wine in 2 wine coolers in my basement. The humidity down there is around 40-50%. In the wine coolers its about the same. Is this too low to store wine for several years? My second question is that i am in the process of building a wine cellar, also in my basement, do the cooling units that are utilized for the cellar maintain an appropriate humidity?
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Marc,If you already have a wine fridge\chiller place a glass bowl or cup with water in it and monitor humidity with hygrometer. Depending on size, etc add water as needed to maintain 60ish % humidity.
A well-built home wine cellar will need proper equipment to maintain both temp and humidity.
depending on how you speak too anywhere from 55 up 70 %. I have a cellar and a chiller, chiller goes between 58-72 depending on how long since I put water in, cellar on other hand goes between 62 and 69 and I never use water in it.
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A well-built home wine cellar will not need proper equipment to maintain both temp and humidity.
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...what is the ideal temp and humidity to store wine? I have heard several different %'s.

Temperature should be 55 degrees, +/- 5 degrees, but most important it should be quite steady, not fluctuating frequently, for best long-term storage.

Humidity should be 60 percent, +/- 10 percent. Variation is not important.

Cellar should be free of vibration and as dark as practicable -- light is wine's second worst enemy after heat.
One well revered WS Editor keeps his cellar a consistent 64F and 70% humidity

"and nearly always found my bottles fresher and younger-tasting than those supplied by the wineries." Dec. 15 WS.

I include this to show there is latitude on this criteria.

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