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I was fascinated by this data, and maybe some of you would be too if you run your numbers.

Decided to run a report of "Consumed wines" by Master Variety by year on CellarTracker. Well ... tells a lot by how our family's food consumption changed since 99% of the time we pair our wine to food.

Our top 5!

year 2022 ... (I guess we eat a lot of fish ! )
16% Chardonnay (France Chablis dominating)
15% Sauvignon Blanc (Mostly Sancerre)
13% SuperTuscan Blend (every time with pizza)
10% Pinot Noir (mostly Burgundy if not all)
9% Red Bordeaux Blend
others that follow are the Cabs, Sangiovese and Tempranillo ... I love Rioja but in 2022, not much consumption surprisingly.

If I compare 2022 to 2021 ... it is soooo different.
Year 2021 (almost twice as more wine consumed by the way...)
22% SuperTuscan = pizza
15% Cabs = lots more red meat diners than nowadays
9% Riesling = how the heck did that happen? Most likely opened those up for guests that wanted something on a sweeter side.

Looking at these numbers, I think it also dictates what I'll be buying more of going forward. Lately Chianti has been a hit with me as well as VnM and BdM Sangiovese and then there is the neglected Tempranillo that I must dust off for the cheese pairings.

P.S. Zinfandel ... we have to cook more BBQ in the summer for this amazing grape. Quite a few Ridge wines that are sitting around.

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