I've got an idea for a tartlet but I'm not sure how it would work best.
Basically the idea is a jam tart except that the jam is a Sauternes jelly and there's foie gras inside.

One way would be to bake the pastry, then sear the foie gras and put the cooked pieces in the tart. Another would be to put the raw foie gras in the uncooked pastry and bake them together, but I'm not sure if that would work.

What do you think?
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If you baked the tart shells then spread your jelly inside, you could top it with a little chunk of foie gras and hit it with the torch for a few sec to carmelize it. That would be the only way for it to be a little cooked and not melt out of your tart shells.

Let us know how it turns out.

forget the part of baking the tart and the foie togheter!

a foie is "baked" at 60°celsius , a tart at 200° celsius.
at 200°c the foie will loose all fat and get gray!

here a possible way:

bake the tart "blind", that meens after you put the dought into the form, place a baking-paper on top and fill up with cheap-dry-beens, so that the tart stay down. bake all togeter for about 15 minutes, take it out and extract the beans and paper, bake until done.

make a vegetabil-fond, pass it to a towel, so all is clear and fat-free. add sautern as you like, add agar-agar (you can get it at drugstore) is't a gelatine from seaweat.
let it become cold in refridgerator.
cut in small pieces.

if you use a frsch foie, search a recepie for a terrine, if you use all ready a prepared you couls cut in slices

take the cold tart, place a spoon cold gelatine into, and place a slice foie on top, decorate with fresh herbs as you like.

bon apetit!

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