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Strange but true: a beachcomber on the Dutch island of Terschelling has found a bottle of old wine near the dunes of the island. Based on the shape of the bottle, it was made somewhere around 1690. Amazingly, it’s still half full of wine...

A picture of the beachcomber and his bottle can be found here. The site is in Dutch, but the image is next to the January 5th entry.
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''Alleen al van de geur sla je steil achterover".

Meaning that the smell alone already tilts you over.
Probably been mixed with some waddenslijk.
And if he can smell it like that the cork might not be perfect anymore either.

No need to bother about the vintage much, I gather. The bottle looks genuinly 17th or 18th century though.
Poor Mr Klaasse: shipwrecks all over the Wadden Islands and all he's got is this lousy bottle.

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