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I'm doing my due diligence before taking the next steps to wine investing. I'd rather own my own cellar and eventually move bottles as my own online store through places like wine-searcher, rather than bid them off at places like winebid.

I've reached out to some wineries to ask what their futures prices were upon release, or their declaration price in the case of Taylor Fladgate.

I haven't heard back from any yet, but will continue to press there.

I just discovered this forum and figured I'd like to ask the same question, to feel out what to expect when it comes to pricing bottles of wines. So far it is difficult to justify wine investing because the only information available to me comes from the online sellers at the current price and often times the prices from winebid or other auctioneers or places like cellaraiders seems to be at the price you'd pay from the winery. Vintages don't seem to gain in price much and places like winebid which has some kind of history, the prices seem to go down over time. But I don't know how reliable that information is.

So, what should I expect in pricing a bottle that can be bought direct from the winery when it is first released?

Is it common that many bottles may be resold at less than direct cost, which complicates finding investment-grade bottles?

I've been trying to avoid having to be a retailer to move bottles through a restaurant or anything like that, but is that almost a necessity in order to offload bottles at retail prices?


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