I was trying to open a bottle of Champagne and the round top of the cork broke off. Has anyone ever had this happen? I was thinking a regular corkscrew might work if I have someone hold the bottle to a table and am really careful. Unless anyone has any quick advice, I think I'll give it a try...
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I thought about it... and quickly decided against it. I can't even trust a Georgian dentist. I can't imagine going to a Georgian doctor to remove

a.) a sabre from my thigh
b.) glass chards from my body...

I'll save that disaster for America.
I have two methods... both sure to work.

1. Shake it up as much as you can (like you were shaking a can of Yoo-Hoo). The cork will come out, no problem.

2. Constantly pound on the bottom of the bottle. One of two things will happen: the cork will shoot out, or the bottom will bust. Either way... open champagne.

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