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@flwino posted:

drink one a day

This is a good approach, but if you have 500 bottles, chances are you add to your collection during the course of the 365 day year, so you may never run out of wine.

It's sort of like a country with a high population growth rate.  India is growing at the rate of about 15 million people per year. While people die there, the birth rate is higher than the death rate. 

So, with a wine cellar, unless you drink and don't buy, you're not going to diminish the cellar.

Your best strategy imo would be to list the dishes that you prefer to eat.

Then work backwards.

Once you have between 5-10 foods that you regularly enjoy, buy fine wine which will pair well with them and which will stand the test of time.

Generally you will want 30 bottles of bordeaux to pair with lamb, 30 bottles of Burgundy to pair with beef, 20 bottles of sauvingon blanc to pair with fish, 20 bottles of cabernet franc to pair with veal or gamey meats with vegetables, 20 bottles of suaternes or similar to pair with fois grois, 20 bottles of chianti (or similarly acidic red wine like cot) to pair with lasagne or bolognese) 20 bottles of chenin blanc to pair with seafood or chicken & mushroom dishes and so on.

Why not list the dishes you intend to focus on first and then divise a plan as to which wines you deem worthy of space in your cellar with which to pair them with?

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