i eat it maybe once a week. I love it and I don't steer myself away from it for any specific health reasons. I just find myself eating salads for lunch and chicken, turkey and pork more often at dinner. while I rarely have ground beef, I do enjoy a grilled ribeye and a Cail Cabernet.
Most people eat more red meat than they think. I mean a big rare steak - maybe once a week, but are we including meatballs (when you think you are only eating pasta in your mind), beef and broccoli, won ton soup or steamed dumplings on "Chinese Night". Pizza with Sausage? Eggs and Bacon in the morning??? Wink

I'm probably red meating in some way 4 days a week at least.
Beef? Once, maybe twice a week. Usually it's lamb (we buy whole lambs twice a year), duck, bison, chicken, or seafood. Less often, but maybe once a week it's pork, veal, venison...

To answer the general question: "How often do you eat red meat?" - 50% of the time.
Including everything but chicken and fish, I probably eat “red” meat 4-5 times a week.

Now THAT's an honest answer Smile

Not sure I'm buying into Bez, Irwin and IndyBob up there for 3 meals+ per day where it works out to red meat once a week, 3 times a month or "almost never". Razz

Who's counting that Roast Beef sandwich at the deli for lunch when you had that healthy grilled chicken for dinner.

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