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Less last week but still a drink of some kind every day. The week before (spring break when everything first hit the fan) I went six days where every drink other than one cup of coffee was alcoholic. I was never drunk though. 

I only have five bottles of wine left in the cottage though so I will have to go back to the city and restock at some point. 

We're about the same.  We've always been food driven when drinking wine.  Our cellar has always been built around variety so we can always have a wine to pair with most dinners we are preparing.  So if I'm grilling steak we typically open a bottle of California Cabernet Sauvignon.  If PURPLE is preparing a pasta dish we typically open an Italian Chianti or Brunello di Montalcino.  If we're making Mexican then water, ice tea or margaritas maybe.  Many night we simply don't drink at all. 

I’m usually a bottle or two a week but last week was five plus (shane t stopped by late night with a mag of Lopez Heredia and hard to remember how much I contributed to its demise) with some additional late night spirits added. last night was a dry night for me and I can verify for G-man also. A bottle a day last week maybe a low estimate for him though

I’m guessing this week will likely be three or four

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shane t stopped by late night with a mag of Lopez...last night was a dry night for me and I can verify for G-man also.

Are you having regular visitors?

Anyway nothing has changed for me, one or two glasses of wine with dinner. A jigger or so of scotch four to five nights a week. And no visitors including my daughter.

I've stopped drinking for the last two weeks.  For two reasons:  first, I'm having trouble sleeping and alcohol always was a factor in that so I'm cutting it out to try to get better sleep.  Second, I'm trying to avoid anything that might negatively affect my immune system, and I'm concerned about alcohol and its effects on the immune system.  I understand that having a drink or so every few days probably wouldn't be problem, but I figure that it can't hurt to stop for a while. 


def drinking better, but since the neighbors are also properly practicing social distancing, we do share a few bottles too.

But this is with the understanding that:

We are super straight up with our neighbors:

-where we've been since we last met

-where we are going to go before we get together

-They reciprocate the same information.

Also to save on some things like masks and gloves, we give each other heads up before we goto a store so we can save multiple trips and just make one big trip picking up everything.

I’ve wound up averaging the better part and f a bottle a night. Maybe 3/4. At any sign of sickness I’ll obviously go to zero. But, if I don’t get sick in the next 12 days I will probably be in the clear for 2 months.  (You should see my freezer, fridge, and pantry.  The only question is if the frozen fruits and veggies don’t cut it and I need freshness.)

2 drinks a day, like usual. I have always tried to be honest with my Drs, and my doctors have never put the kibosh on my habits, except maybe statins for my cholesterol. Sometimes I think in the middle of the night about health and drink amts but my regular 2am panic is not "real". No data backed up by any Drs or tests says slow down, ergo today at 5pm will be "A Votre Sante"

Same as always here. At least a bottle a day. But it's like social distance. We social pace it. No more than one glass in any 20 minute period. Unless it's really good or we forget. But as soon as we remember the rule, we try to start following it again.

And we usually try to finish off with a white, because that just seems more virtuous somehow. Unless we finish with a pink. Or red.

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