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fcs posted:


Hey Thistlin Tom, 

regarding the sale I linked to, I bought 2 cases of MacPhail Family Pinot, they have a solid reputation and my wife doesn't really go for denser wines like Zin and Petit Sirah. 

Here's this guys take on the 2014 Pinots


I also grabbed Panthera Chard because warmer weather is coming and I thought it would be good for parties and BBQs...Umm I guess I thought wrong what with Covid and all, lol


Thanks for responding, I just got mine yesterday about a week after ordering. If you make a purchase you will be getting good wine at a very good price, and helping out a mate.



PS: I joined in 2007, and if this place collapses we will have to take Robert hostage and make him make our very own Spectator 2.0 message board, with no limits on what we can say!

Ok, bought some Zin and Lion Tamer red blend, but forgot to mention Ian in the notes.  I will try to see if I can mention his name elsewhere.  If there is a way to get his name mentioned, let me know.

fcs posted:

Last one I swear, just trying to help a friend out...

My buddy works in the wine biz... times are really different that they were just 2 weeks ago

Sale going on here for a week only. Ends March 30th. Good deals to be had and free shipping. Mention "Ian" if you make a purchase, helps him out a lot. Thanks for reading!

Here's the sale:

Just got my case of 2014 Holiday Cuvee Cab. Great price, thanks!

The lack of date stamps is the most irritating thing here to me.

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As one who never really posted much about wine (though I do drink it daily) I think we can pretty much call this forum officially dead. New Tasting Notes, which used to be daily, appear less than once a week. There is hardly any talk about wine in general and I don't think simply listing what you're buy and drinking is much of a wine conversation. Certainly part it was the horrible update to the forum's format, but I'd say it's just people moving on.

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