How much do you drink?

In a slow week, wife and I split 4-5. Most weeks though are 6-9 between us. We might skip two nights a week without wine. My doctor told me any more than 10 glasses a week is really bad. Screw him, most Italians drink way more than that and they live a long time.
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We are building a new wine list at work now so I taste alot of wines during the week from all our distributors for by the glass and bottle. Iv'e been tasting about 45 wines per week at work so I'm just having one bottle at home on sundays with dinner for now.
Work can be so demanding! Big Grin
Sorry in advance for the off topic here...

PH, W&A was in town last week for an offline. Your name came up and its seems we may have crossed tracks in far flung places in our youth. Would love to hear from you. I can be reached at john at johnleclair dot com.

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