Ek and Hunter:

This is not a problem! His collection is over 30,000. Largely composed from the early 60's through the late 1990's. Lots of large format bottles. Very heavy oriented to 1ers but a significant representation of the better US wines too. He has slowed down some, he's getting older, but still a big investor. (So big a buyer for so long that Heitz has invited him to attend their cruise - as a guest.) I don't know how to measure this but he must be one of the nation's premier collectors. You just have to love his dinner parties!

My philosophy is, let him partake of my little collection and I of his. Big Grin

Here's an idea for WS. A series on the best private collections. Feature a new one in each issue. Might be interesting.
My very full VintageKeeper 500 holds about 400 and change, I have a 24 bottle wine fridge filled with daily drinkers and another couple hundred bottles in my cold cellar in the basement.

I haven't counted them in a while but I would guess I have a total of 600-650 bottles.
Originally posted by carriedca:
Somewhere between 800 & 900. With the wedding and honeymoon, I haven't keept my inventory up to date.

Carriedca, Do you really think owning 700-800 bottles of Mouton Cadet is something to be proud of? Even if your vertical goes back to the great 1990 vintage? Razz Wink Big Grin

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