I purchased some wines online directly from a winery that recently got some great ratings from WS. They immediately charged my credit card, but didn't send me any confirmation. After a week, I contacted them via email to see when the order was shipped. Reply indicated it would ship out following week. Next week, no wine, so I called the winery. Was told it would ship out the next week. Next, week, no wine, so I emailed again. Now I'm being told it shipped out today. They claim to have been overwhelmed due to the large amount of orders after getting the great ratings from WS. I am upset about the length of time it's taking to get my wine and the lack of communication on the winery's part. Am I overreacting?
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IMO the winery did not handel it right. If they had called you or emailed you from the begining and told you that they were behind in filling orders you would have probably been fine waiting. It is their lack of communication that is the problem here.
Sounds to me like they truly were overwhelmed and it was probably a new situation for them.

It's fine to sit back and say what they should have done better, but when the phone is ringing nonstop, a sea of email is coming in as well as the online orders, and there's only 2 or 3 people to handle it... I bet they ran out of shipping containers at some point, too.

It's a real difficult balancing of priorities.

Bringing in someone new to help out isn't an option because of all the time it would take to train and supervise. God forbid that person does some sort of screw-up that requires immediate time-consuming correction.

This is what happens when points chasers bum-rush a mom-and-pop winery.

Mark down the promises to ship to a lack of clairvoyance. They had no idea how long the "rush" would last. The inefficiencies are to be expected due to lack of experience.
I hear what yhn and wineismylife are saying, but I still feel the reply should have been "we are not sure when your wine will ship out, but we will keep you posted...". BTW, I wrote this message on 3/18 and I still haven't got the wine yet. I think waiting five weeks to receive my wine is crazy. I have ordered wines from a number of wineries directly and have never waited this long.
I purchased some wines online directly from a winery that recently got some great ratings from WS.

Who is the producer? I think You've given them enough anonymous slack. Maybe some others here should be aware. I'd like to know this great ratings producer that takes 5 weeks to ship wine.

Also, someone here may know a person at that winery that could help. We have winemakers, producers, and industry people posting all the time here.
This is not abnormal at all. I've had to wait several weeks many times to recieve wine. In the case of one (very prominent on this board) winery, when I lived in DC I had to wait over a month and a half for wine that was not backordered. When I finally got in touch with the winery they explained why it had taken so long and I was satisfied that they had acted appropriately.

On another occasion I had a 6-pack of non-backordered wine take, in total, over 2 months to get to me (it only had 60 miles to travel). I am a huge proponent of this winery both here and on VC and I think they offer exemplary customer service. I just chalk it up to, s*&t happens. I know the wine was held in temperature controlled storage before I got it, so it doesn't really matter so much to me.

In an ideal world, the wine should be shipped within 10 days of the credit card charge. (Give the winery a few days to put the order together and then let them wait until the first Monday or Tuesday so that there is no Sunday layover somewhere.) If it is going to be longer than this, the winery should notify you, but this sort of thing is not so uncommon.


Wow.  Hard to believe it's been this long since people have had a problem with wine being delivered in the heat.  I received mine today, and I was hotter than the wine was when I received it.  But I've been having problems with BV anyway.  So I guess our relationship had to end eventually.  BV and I divorced today.  Received a case without a single cold pack today.  Not one!  ITS AUGUST/SEPT!!  I've received wine from BV before and it had Cold Pack(s) in there.  Would seem common sense in August.  Then they ship it just in time for it to sit in a trailer for three days over the labor day weekend.  Yep!  I was fuming!  Still am.  Live and learn.  I'm received cases from others, and they put cold packs in there.  No sure what Stag's did, but I sent a case to the east coast, and it arrived there cool.  Longer story there, but!  

I'm pretty sure this wine is done.  DAMN!!  Too long and too hot!  No ice pack.  I feel like I have to let BV reserve wines sit for close to a year before they come out and play.  But I hate to put these in my cooler for even 6 months it they are kerosene.  I'm gonna let one bool down and pop one open.  I'm not so good at this, that I feel I'll notice it's bad.  Unless,,,,,, it's that obvious?  LOL!  Maybe there will be no doubt?  I'll see in about another hour.  I think I'll serve this at my next party.  Let everyone know what to expect from BEAULIEU VINEYARD?  I can probably dump the whole case then!  lol.  I'll let you know!

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