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If you were on any antibiotics, it's no surprise to me that your tastebuds aren't 100%. I had and impacted wisdom tooth taken out and the meds killed all the lovely little micro flora in my mouth for a couple of weeks. Everything I tasted had the flavor of metal shavings.

After about an extra week off of the meds, everything returned to normal.

I suggest for the time being you finish off that Cuvee Z I know you have. Big Grin

I hope all returns to normal shortly for you.
As some members of this board know, I had frequent sinus infections for 15 years, 6 of which were chronic (infected about 25%-33% of the time) -- I've had re-constructive sinus surgery and undergone various immuno-therapies. So, I know a little bit about this subject...

While I find them indespensible for getting rid of colds, any zinc products (Cold-EEze) will leave that metallic flavor in your mouth that GA talked about for about 3 days -- esp. if you were on them for a long time. (If you use Zicam, STOP, there are suits claiming that it causes permenant smell loss.) It is just a tiny bit gross, but, beyond brushing regularly, eating raw garlic -- not with anything, just by itself -- will help neurtralize the metallic flavors.

I've actually never had a problem with anti-biotics affecting my senses of taste and smell, but there are so many different ones out there that this really doesn't say much. For those curious, Levaquin does not cause me to lose any sense of taste, although, I've been told it does make 2% of the population a little schitzophrenic. (Tequin is in the same class and apparently doesn't have this side effect, although Levaquin is the one that is generally prescribed first, so I don't know what to make of that -- these are also the very strongest anti-biotics for sinus-related stuff on the market, so, whatever you do, if you start a regimen you must finish, even if you think you were missdiagnosed -- you cannot let any bacteria build up resistence to these, otherwise you may be in serious trouble.)

There is a product called Alkalol that has worked wonders for me -- you need to special-order it and the (plastic) applicator from a drug store. It is a mucus solvent / nasal moisturizer that you pour into your sinuses and then let drain. Yes, also a bit gross, but it is terrific if you can tolorate it. It may cause your sinuses to close up or cause temporary loss of smell if you are not fully over your flu/infection, but then after a half hour or so, you will be a much happier camper -- at least I am after I use it.

Remember that plain old sudafed can dry out your sinuses and should be taken in conjuction with guefenessin in some form.

Don't get addicted to Afrin.

Use Breathe-Right strips -- so what if they make you look like a dork.

Took me 7-10 days after my cold symptoms subsisded to regain enough taste buds to open a decent bottle without feeling like I was wasting it.

Gigond Ass. If you take antibiotics for the flu or colds you are wasting the meds AND contributing to the creating of super-bacteria Eek that will become resistant to existing antibiotics. Don't do it!!

Thanks to all for the input!

This is definitely the flu, a viral thing. Knowing that, I am a minimalist when it comes to drugs, especially anti-biotics. As others pointed out, they would help only for secondary, bacteriological, infections.

I suspect that, though my nose seems clear, that some of the upper sinuses are plugged. When those clear out, life (and sense of smell) will be back to normal.

In the meantime, the lack of an appetite makes for a pretty good diet. I've lost 19 pounds!
I've been recuperating from round 2 of a bug that's been going around. On Friday I finally had my first glass since 2/14 and I couldn't tell if it was off or not. I wanted to send it back but I just couldn't trust my palate and olfactory senses to make sure. Since it was a glass and not a bottle it was no big deal.

Yesterday, I went to two different tastings of CA 01 and 02 cabs. I took notes, I spit, I swirled, but I just couldn't get through to much of anything. There is no possbile way I would ever trust myself to buy anything from what I tasted.

I'm hoping that by next week to be back in shape, but right now I'm at day 13 and everything tastes smokey. Really weird.
I am where Bella Donna is, I have been battling flu-like symptoms since the end of December, never feeling totally better but never bad enough to go to a doctor.
I have contributed it to the rain and lack of sun, a form of SAD if you will. My tasters have certainly been SAD!
This has been a tough winter for us native Southern Californians!
For all of you who have flu-like symptoms past 2-3 weeks, the kind of lingering stuff where it goes away, doesn't get too severe, and comes back need to go see your healthcare provider.

I've been battling these symptoms since January and I've tried to be very patient about it by getting rest and taking over-the-counter medicines. However, this week-it just kicked my butt and I was feeling horrible and decided to go to the doctor. Everybody knows that you shouldn't take antibiotics for just anything, but if your symptoms have been lingering for several months, it's time to get on some before it turns into something severe...such as pneumonia. I should have gone and got treatment earlier and now it's bronchitis.

Don't worry CRS people...I will have gotten rid of this before next next Sunday. I promise I won't get anyone sick.
Not sure if it's the 'flu. There's definitely some other bugs going round; it was on the front page of the Murky today. I've not been right for two weeks now; I've had a scratchy throat and a dry cough for over a week. And the wife's had some version of the same bug on and off since before Thanksgiving.

Trouble with going to the doc is they always say the same things:

1 It's a virus
2 We can't give you anything
3 Get rest and lots of fluids, and wine doesn't count
4 That'll be a $20 co-pay for telling you what you already knew.
Originally posted by DoktaP:
Bella Donna: Go back and check your notes.
Benadryl is an anti-histamine and helps with hives and itching. Benylin is the cough suppressant. Stick to wine and hold your medical comments.
No offense Dokta P...but I am very aware that it is an anti-histamine. From personal usage, it has calmed down those dry, non-stopping coughs for me.

Look, let's not start a spat over non-wine related issue and become the next Board-O vs DRAB dentist rivalry.

If you disagree, let me know.

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