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Hey everybody,,

I want to learn about wine to the extent that allows me to make knowledgable decisions on what wine to choose when at a restaurant or at the store instead of randomly picking. I don't want to be a wine "expert," but just decently informed

I wouldn't be opposed to taking a class, but I would assume taking a sommelier course would be expensive - and probably overkill.

What would you recommend?

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This thread started a while back, but I recently got into wine and learned one thing; time and patients is everything. Books are amazing resources but what really helps you learn is tasting, smelling, observing the wine. 


Something I've done is choose a country (for me it was France) and learn about the grapes that thrive there. This lead to a rabbit hole of learning the regions within France and trying a few bottles from each. I'm still in France but I feel like I've learned so much from doing it this way as I see what each region has to offer in their wine. 

@The Old Man posted:

Only if you're a doctor, but then yeah, you can afford a very nice cellar. 

Not necessarily. I know that’s tongue and cheek, but I make far from doctors in my country. I think you can gain a lot of basic Tasting fundamentals from cheaper wines. Through learning about France in particular I’ve been able to learn about what I like/dislike, what i taste/smell through More affordable wines. Plus part of the fun is finding a hidden gem at low cost. 

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