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I mean, we all do it in our own special way, but what gadgets do you guys use to pull the cork out everyday? Rabbit? Laguiole? Do you have that special device that only makes a brief guest appearance on special occasions?

I love corkscrews probably as much as i love wine...
Well, not really, but i do find them beautiful and functional, and think they make good conversation pieces Roll Eyes, not to mention the positive charge they carry that separates them from other sharp and pointy objects humanity so excelled at. My collection is not big, about a dozen of pieces, but it's growing with every trip abroad or to a local fleamarket.

My favorite right now is a Laguiole's Rosewood Grand Cru i bought in Nantes few years ago. Another one is this crazy mid-century german contraption that only works half the time because i'm too dumb to figure out its mechanics properly; I try it on unsuspecting guests. Smile
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I use the rabbit and foil cutter on most but I also have this two pronged thing, not sure of the name. It works very well on old corks that are sometimes a little more prone to breaking. It grabs the cork on two sides and you twist and pull at the same time to remove the cork. (What is this thing called?)

Sapril: I think you would like the rabbit. Its fun. Wink
As was pointed out in an earlier thread, I prefer the method where you slam the base of the bottle on a hard surface until the cork comes out. That way, the cork is left in tact.
Kinda' rough on the kitchen counter tops though. Eek

Sometimes, however, the wine appears to suffer from “shaken bottle” shock syndrome.
If I find a wine that suffers from this approach, I switch back to the waiter’s friend corkscrew for future bottles. Wink
I love my Rabbit. I use a traditional waiter's corkscrew about 30% of the time, but I am such a spaz that often the corkscrew gets misaligned and i #&$^ up the cork. When I absolutely, positively want the cork out without drama, and especially when I am saving the cork (which I do for exceptional bottles) my Rabbit is the only way to go. Cool

Basic Screwpull and foil cutter. I actually find the portable (old version) Screwpull easier/faster to use than the "normal" Screwpull, but they're both fine.

Also, I don't know if they still do, but Christie's used to have an annual auction catalogue devoted specifically to corkscrew sales. Even if you weren't interested in purchasing them at auction, it might be interesting for you since their catalogues are pretty good, lots of pictures and detailed descriptions.

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