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so lets say you were opening a will have a wine by the glass aspect to it

you want to serve food that is quick to make, relatively inexpensive food cost wise, and can be sold for a small per plate price and if the customer desires more quantity they can order again, yet feel they are getting their QPR on each plate....yes something like the soon to be tired tapas items

to make it easier to imagine.....think back to those college days and the bar that had the dollar brats and dollar bad beers....and you could feel pretty good on 10-12 bucks

only now you want something WAY more upscale than better foods...but you want the QPR and you want the "hey im still hungry one more " Confused " for 3-4 bucks" type system

it could be a salad...fruit/ limits on the theme

so what would you serve food wise Confused Smile
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Sizzling fried egg with a small grilled sausage. I'd never turn something like this down, even after desert.

Rice is very cost effective. If you want to up it, go with fancy rice - red, forbidden, camargue, all the Spanish bombas, etc. Emphasize their uniqueness, flavor, origin. Sell the terroir in other words.

Who eats spinach nowadays anyway?? I would not offer any basic salads. Screw them, we only serve hot items with wine, like in Europe. You want salad, go to supermarket and get yourself one of those prewashed bags and knock yourself out. By avoiding fresh salads and opting for serving them cooked you are in effect dramatically extending the shelf life of your veggies.

Pastas = Goldmine.
Small plate of Penne with anchovies, roasted peppers and garlic, or spaghetti with garlic, chilies and parsley, or something with arugula to serve with white Italians.

The possibilities are endless.
Originally posted by Board-O:
How about tidbits of grilled marinated skirt steak on toothpicks

i like you mean put on some peppers ect. and make a mini-kabob?

how would you plate that?

Originally posted by spo1977:
So TexasVines, when do you open for business?

well really this was more of an idea for a one "slow night" a week way to draw in a bigger crowd to a winery...perhaps on a Sunday evening when most college dorm cafeterias are closed..but with the great ideas so far hell i think the concept could work with just a wine bar/food concept without a "winery" per say...and open any and all nights of the week

either way it would be well down the road.....but some of these ideas i will probably cook up for myself in the mean time....they are great so far Smile
Originally posted by Board-O:
How about tidbits of grilled marinated skirt steak on toothpicks

I like it too, but logistics may prove troublesome. Do you ask people to bring their toothpicks when they are done picking their teeth(careful, some meat may fall off on the way to the kitchen) or do you wait patiently by their tables and provide your hungry customers with the freshest, well-chewed cuts of meats. May still be warm, if you do it this way.
I'm with Grun on the pasta, it's the first thing that came to my mind. Make up three to five sauces and have three types of pasta - spaghetti, tagliatelle plus penne or fusilli. The one thing to look out for is over-cooking the pasta, so par-cook and then finish off.

With bolognese and meatballs w/toms (see Hunter's meatballs thread) being the staples ready-made, carbonara ingredients to make in three minutes (trust me this can be done if the pancetta is half-done), maybe a marinara and a smoked salmon or Alfredo, oops... plus veggie. I reckon you could make it up for a little over a dollar and sell for $3.50 - $5 depending which one.

Remember to go heavy on the pasta.
I would serve...

Mozzarella Caprese (sliced tomato, fresh mozz, basil & olive oil)

Prosciutto e Melone (thinly sliced prosciutto crudo wrapped around ripe of the world's most simple, yet delicious dishes)

Polenta e Gorgonzola (Italian cornmeal covered with melted bleu cheese)

Bruschette Pomodoro on Toasted Baguettes (Tomato, Basil, Garlic and Olive Oil bruschette)

...but then again, I already do serve these things. Smile
Originally posted by Board-O:
Any way you want. You could have peppers and onions with it, or just the steak pieces. You need some kind of meat that people would like to have with red wine.

OK, I like grilled meats; especially with red wine. I don't care much for vegetables, I'll eat the salad and side items; but I want a platter of grilled assorted meats. Skirtsteak on a stick, sausages, marinated strips of beef or game tenderloins, pork tenderloins, alligator, monkey, wildebeast.....I don't care. This is not a $3-4 item. However, I would gladly pay $15-20 for a decent platter, or more if it was really decent. I understand that these are not low cost items, but if I'm drinking high quality Cabs, I want a platter of meat. Perhaps I'm at the wrong restaurant. Sorry, carry on.
Originally posted by Board-O:
Makes sense to me, lou. I don't see anything wrong with a few higher priced otpions.

That is what I was thinking, then I mentioned "high quality Cabs" and remembered his $3-4/glass range, and realized that this probably wouldn't fit his intention. And if I'm eating a grilled meat platter, I don't want to be drinking swill; I want a decent Cab.
this venture would be a LONG way off

and while the members of this forum would be a worth while target demographic i was thinking of shooting more for the exposed thong/trucker hat wearing crowd (or what ever look they are throwing down when the venture gets off the ground)

hence the 3-4 dollar range.....aiming for the "upscale" dollar beer and hotdog college crowd Cool
well the trucker hat guys are all about the coors/coors light Frown

i believe the key is to get the exposed thong crowd in there with the air of faux sophistication ....sweet inexpensive wine....and decent entertainment....then the trucker hat crowd will be there for sure....honestly i could care less about the guys

i believe "wine" in general is on the and shots will never die, but it can fall back in line to "wine"

"wine" being yellowtail and rose and champaign and whites....slowly move them to the "good stuff".....again no flawed wines or just plain crap....but yes a lot of the stuff people on this forum have moved past

and it is as much or more about making money that truely moving people to drink like the members of this forum do....that is too big a task for me

i do see wine as being more and more "in" that is where the real concept is....just something new for the college crowd...or the just out of college crowd....or the should have been out of college by now crowd besides what they get beat over the head with at every club/bar/restaurant Smile Cool
Originally posted by louzarius:
Originally posted by TexasVines:
i was thinking of shooting more for the exposed thong/trucker hat wearing crowd

Is it possible to get a liquor license in a trailer park? Big Grin

funny you ask....where i live (Lubbock) is dry for retail sales so to buy beer wine ect. one must go south to "the strip" where a bunch of ramshackled metal buildings with gaudy neon are all lined up at the edge of town to buy liquor....anyway some people up north of town finally decided to get in on the action so what they did was started a trailer park on the edge of a lil town called Opdyke and then incorporated it as Opdyke West and held the election and passed retail sales

and sadly the trucker hat and exposed thong crowd i would target is not from trailer parks....they just choose to dress like it at times Roll Eyes
Amigos of trailer parks, it is salutement of my preasure I mail to you from my apartment in Yokohama town!! I own trucker hat as well, and I also of owning the sombrero, head gear for Mexican people.

Who is decided to make stick kebabos of small bigness? Is it not truthful of trucker buddies the like of big meaty quota? And girlfriends companions? Why is show of undergarments in palace of food banquet? Unress it is you want the sexy restaurant with strip activity, like Las Vegas style.
Kamikaze-San, Ras Vegas is precious temple for rike of underfood. Sexy and delicious all the same ones. No end none eat, but no eat, no nooky. Word what is with those which are, but when the truck-drivers go to Ras Vegas they eat the good feast and much of much of meat. No bad tempura. Happy to the meat truck-drivers is what all good people say then. Then goma-ae until sun rising!


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