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I will make it really easy.

Lucio's BYOB
905 Taft St.

Food there is solid but not life changing. It is easy to get to and of course, geared toward BYOB.

Earlier works better for me.

Still working on a couple of the usual suspects.

Originally posted by GalvezGuy:
I can make an offline. We have a couple of good choices for BYOB and I can round up some of the local ruffians.
It is a long drive home for me so I was thinking early, around 6PM.

I was hoping you would have a theme Smile. Without a theme in mind. I am bringing a 95 BV GdL and a 2009 Domaine Billaud-Simon Chablis Grand Cru Vaudésir. Both were on point the last time I had them. I will let the others know what I am bringing and we can adjust accordingly.

You can e-mail me dkwelch at Hotmail dot com if you need anything.

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