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Was reading bez780’s dinner in “what’s for dinner” and he/she referenced a house salad. I’m always looking for a new salad/dressing to try, so what is your go to house salad?
The one we do mostly is mixed greens with sliced cucumber, tomato and feta crumbles with a vinaigrette of shallot, dijon, red wine vinegar, oil, salt/pepper. Very basic but tasty.
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Originally posted by shane:
A little more basic, but my favorite:

Big wedge of iceberg lettuce, blue cheese dressing w/some crumbles, diced bacon, fresh ground black pepper. Sometimes, when I feel like it, I'll add some diced tomato.

I am a big fan of this salad, but I always include the tomato. It's always great in the summer with a steak, potato, and crusty bread.

I also like a chopped salad with ten various veggies and olive oil/taragon vinegar dressing.

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