Admittedly, it's probably one of the least "wine friendly" condiments out there. I just had a dinner of leftover shredded beef enchiladas (one of Mrs. PH's absolute best contributions to our kitchen) and pulled a bottle of what has become my absolute favorite Hot Sauce out of the fridge to give them a little extra "boost."

I discovered Susie's Hot Sauce in Antigua trying to pump some life into what was a nice, but bland goad curry roti. The waitress recommended the "Calypso" version, and I have had it in my collection ever since. A great combination of serious heat with great rich flavor. The waitress actually ran to town and brought me 2 bottles to take back home (at least that's what she told me Razz) and was paid handsomely for the score!

There are a lot of hot sauces out there which taste like prig kee nu soaked in gasoline, but combining heat and flavor makes for the best hot sauce. Any recommendations?

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Hot sauce is not at all wine unfriendly, though in excess, it certainly is. I use several different ones in moderation to flavor sauces frequently. In special dishes, I often eschew the use of hot sauces and use several types of chilis. Ancho is not too hot and adds a nice flavor. Chipotle is pretty hot, but a touch adds nice flavor to sauces.
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I am only familiar with Cholua (sp?)'s thick and just right...not like Tabasco where you have to shake the bottle to death to get a few drops.
PH, I would give "Melinda's Hot Sauce" a try. Like Susie's, it's habanero-based and without that heavy vinegary taste that so many hot sauces seem to do. It packs a punch but with lots of flavor, think you'll like it. Smile

I really like the Chili sauce that comes in a clear plastic bottle with a green, pointed cap and a big rooster on the front. A lot of the writing is in Chinese and is all in white ink. I'm not sure what it's called, but we all just refer to it as Hot Cock (because of the rooster on the label, of course). Great flavor and not too over-the-top hot. Mix it with a little cream cheese for a nice Spicy Tuna Roll sauce.
Originally posted by ArieS:

Stupid song but who cares though?

I have no idea how and where I found this video, but this girl is certainly cute. What is she, 13-14 years old? Ah, the French, Roll Eyes they know how to exploit their children's assets. Big Grin
I have a weak spot for hot sauces...I've got between 150 and 200 different ones...Eek

One of the most complex (and not too hot) is Jump Up And Kiss Me. For a nice kick, I like Tapatio Sala Picante or Bufalo Chipotle (from Mexico). Dave's Gourmet Insanity Sauce was quite tasty as well, and I have a bottle of his Total Insanity Sauce, that I still have to try.
I think I'm most proud Roll Eyes of my bottle of Da'Bomb Beyond Insanity - I hope to add their Ground Zero to the collection one time: supposed to be the hottest sauce on Earth!

A GREAT hot sauce is made in London: the Cool Chile Co. Habanaro Hot Sauce. I bought some bottles at the Borough Market, but have yet a single one remaining.
My stomach can't take those sauces that score a gazillion on the heat index anymore.
I'll stick to Tabasco red and green, thanks.

There are plenty of sauces out there that combine reasonable heat with a lot more flavor than Tabasco. I keep a bottle of each (red and green) in my collection, but try some of the habanero based sauces mentioned here. They provide a warmer more rounded heat with a lot more flavor. Tabasco is a little "sharp" in comparison.


The chili sauce you refer to is likely sambal oelek, a Vietnamese chili sauce. I keep it on hand and use it often (mix it with Mr.Yoshida's original sauce and you have a real nice marinade).

More than likely it's Sriracha

from the same maker. And it's made in the USA!!

PH -

After re-reading BRR's post, I missed the "white lettering" part, so you are right. It is the Sriracha. A lot of times it is on the table at Vietnamese restaurants. It is a little different than Sambal, but also very good.
I have a weak spot for hot sauces...I've got between 150 and 200 different ones


Where do you keep them?? I keep my opened bottles (only eight at this time) in the fridge. I'd need a new one for that many bottles!!

Atleast in this part of the country, Sriracha is sold in the "ethnic" part of the grocery stores like Kroger and Target but the markup is 100%. You can buy it at the Vietnamese grocery store for $2 but at the American grocery store it is $4. Frown
As PH said, there are a lot of good hot sauces available these days.

My [current] favorite is Chrystal Classic Habanero Sauce, made by Baumer Foods in New Orleans. I don't know how widely distributed it is, but it's worth seeking out.

This wakes up any stew or soup you put it in. It delivers a slow burn that clearly isn't wine-friendly, but loves to wrassle with a good cold beer for a while. Smile
The hottest hot sauce I know of is Dave's Maximum (or is it Total?) Insanity Sauce. One drop is sufficient for an entire meal. It tastes good, though.

Less spicy but also really good is Dave's Hurtin' Habenaro.

My favorite of all time is Maui Tacos Pineapple Chipotle sauce. Not too spicy, but adds lots of flavor. Sadly, I can only get it when I go to Hawaii and I ran out almost a year ago.

There are lots of other I like -- but the most consistent thing is that most hot sauces I enjoy are based upon chipotle or habenaro, not cayenne.


That's the stuff! Made in the USA, too. They do a pretty good job covering that up. I guess I've never been inquisitive enough to look at the label very closely.
Originally posted by Seaquam:
My [current] favorite is Chrystal Classic Habanero Sauce, made by Baumer Foods in New Orleans. I don't know how widely distributed it is, but it's worth seeking out.

I'm with you. I can't do Tabasco at all anymore, too much vinegar. You can find Crystal (most varieties) almost anywhere in the states, in your grocery. Are you finding it in Vancouver?

I recently bought a bottle of St. Thomas "God's Vineyard" 7-Pepper hot sauce from some very enterprising boys at our Farmer's Market and I love it.
You'll never find it. It is made by these young men who grow the peppers in a community garden, then produce the sauce. All the sale proceeds support the garden and provide collage scholarships for kids from the St. Thomas Housing Development in New Orleans. Maybe they ship -- 504-529-6981

We must have 20 bottles going all the time, but I always reach for this one or the Crystal.
Originally posted by Queen Of Hearts:
You can find Crystal (most varieties) almost anywhere in the states, in your grocery. Are you finding it in Vancouver?

No, not available here as far as I know. We brought some back from NO, used it up, and last month a friend was kind enough to fulfill my request to bring some back from a business trip. Unfortunately, he just brought one 5-oz. bottle, but beggars can't be choosers. I ration it out carefully now. Smile
I like Crystal as well; fortunately I can find it here - but just the regular hot sauce. I see that I do have a bottle of the Classic Habareno; I'll give it a try soon!
had this at a restaurant somewhere in ny, escapes me right now.

1 tblsp Sriracha
1/2 tblsp melted butter
broiled lobster meat.
Originally posted by indybob:
Thanks for the link! Love the stuff.

Same here. I always keep some on hand; occasionally the kids will try to test their bravery by using some.
I especially like a good dollop mixed in my Pho. Smile
There's a place down in Puerto Vallarta that makes a shrimp ceviche in aguachile that is heaven on earth. I don't exactly what's in it, but I'd bring it back by the barrel if I could. I does have some heat to it, but it's the amazing fruit flavor of the chile coming through that my daughter and I love. We have to stop in every time we go there.
I had it on some sauteed broccolini the other night. May not have the burn but packs the flavor.

For heat+flavor I have been using the El Yucateco XXXTRA HOT SAUCE and the ZAASCHILA GUACAMOLE Con Chile Habanero.

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