OT-Two days ago it was 80F in Dallas and I was wearing shorts and t-shirt. Today it started at 20F and, with sun blazing, is up to 24F. Of course, there's nothing between Texas and Canada but a barbed wire fence, so it can get cold occasionally. Frown
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The 'Huskers are trying to hire "Zip" Zimmer, that ageless baseball coach with the omnipresent wad of chew and a "geriatric Charlie Brown" look? The dude that rolls (with some help from Pedro Martinez) faster across a baseball field faster than he can waddle?!?

WTF does he know about college football Confused? And why would he want to work for a liar? Big Grin

cheers, y'all!
Stemor, I know you have better sports pages than that! Wink As I am sure you know, that would be Mike Zimmer, Dallas Cowboys Defensive Coordinator.

The 291..My 13 year old son is a big OU fan. Looks good for next year. Lots of talent coming back, and they have a verbal commitment from that great Palestine running back, Adrian Peterson. No worry!

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