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Does anybody here have a garden at home? If so, what do you grow? I am currently in the process of putting in a garden. I know I am very late in getting it in but it’s what my schedule would allow me to do this year. I am putting in some various herbs (basil, rosemary, mint, dill, and parsley), green beans, squash, and tomatoes. I am mostly interested in tomatoes. Because I am getting planted so late, any suggestions for short maturation tomatoes would be appreciated. I live in SW Ohio if that matters in regards to suggestions. If you’ve never been in SW Ohio in the summer the climate is very hot and humid. Also, it generally stays hot well into September.
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Are you putting in tomato plants or growing from seed? If plants, then you shouldn't have any problems with the late start; and you'll have tomatoes later in the year as well.

When I was growing up our garden was about 2 acres, and we had tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash, cucumbers, zuchini, cantelope, watermelon, green beans, peas, strawberries, sweet corn, raspberries, carrots, turnips, radishes, lettuce, asparagus....and that's about it for the garden.
We currently have a small herb garden with the following:

Thyme, Chives, Garlic Chives, Oregano, Mint, and Basil. As well we have some different styles of pepper plants in pots.

I will make one suggestion, and it is very important to remember. Plant your mint in a pot! I made this mistake and now I spend every spring cutting off the mint's runners as they spread out and try to take over the rest of the garden area.

We get possession of our new house in 14 days and at the new house the mint is going in a pot!

Lots of tomatoes (Cherokee Purple, Green Zebra, Striped Roma, Lemon Boy, Celebrity, Early Girl and a couple cherry varieties), a couple different squash, japapeno and serrano chilies, and then lots of herbs in pots (mint, oregano, marjoram, thyme, sage, rosemary, chives - althought the basil - thai, sweet and lemon - is in ground with the tomatoes).

Lots of fruit on the vine and we have already started eating the cherry toms....

And, yes, use plants and you will be fine.

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