With the Holidays fast approaching it may be helpful to find a high value red wine that goes with everything.


Wanted to suggest taking a look at the 2016 Chateau d'Aigueville Cotes du Rhone-Villages (cspc# 544031 - $15,85)


This property is owned by Henri de Villamont but the Villamont family is aware that just because you are skilled at making a Burgundy that the brilliance does not translate when working with Grenache and Syrah.  


The grapes are handled by the Coulon Brothers at Domaine de Beauregard Chateauneuf which explains why the blend in this Cotes du Rhone-Villages is very like a Chateauneuf (50% Grenache, 30% Syrah, 10% Carignan, 10% other varieties).  It carries the 15% alc. with ease and grace since the balance results in no heaat, burn or bitterness at all. A smooth mouthfilling swallow that leaves only a smile on the face.


When I have it I prefer it on its own with a comfortable chair and some Tony Bennett playing in the background.


It has been paired with duck, chicken and beef tenderloin with incredible success.


It is to die for.


CHEERS and Merry Christmas to all.



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with a comfortable chair and some Tony Bennett playing in the background

That would have to be my third or fourth bottle though!

Cheersto you too!

Thank you Nicos for the referral. I would like to recommend a minimum 2 hour decant for the green pepper notes to subside before Tony's tunes kick in.

Agree that it needs a decent decant, but I enjoy it more on the second day :-)

The longer you let it breathe, the better it gets.


This enjoyable experience is officially coming to an end as the stores in Ontario have received the final stock of the outstanding 2016 vintage of the Chateau d'Aigueville Cotes du Rhone-Villages.  

On the bright side however, this wine has effective today gone onto a $2 per bottle Limited Time Offer until May 24, 2020.

This wine continues to hold the same high value now as it did years ago.  

My previous recommendation of this wine could have noted that it received a Silver medal and a score of 90 points from the 2018 Decanter World Wine Awards in London, England. 

Decanter Magazine reviewed this 2016 vintage CdRV as recently as April 14, 2020 and again rated it 90 points. 

Consistent ratings for a wine that has been called a mini-Chateauneuf-du-Pape and available for the current time for $14.65 per bottle certainly demonstrate the value.

To avoid the bother of buying this wine off the shelf and having to wipe each bottle with Lysol it is my plan to simply buy this by a sealed case.

While I remain a huge Tony Bennett fan, the last bottle was enjoyed while listening to Mozart's Canzonetta Sull'aria.

Both the wine and the music will leave you mellow.



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