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Welcome to the forums, Rhoneboy.  Good luck in your journey.

After several years of experimenting in "quality" red Burgundy, I gave up the effort.  I found the risk/reward equation to be untenable.  I have had much better luck with North American Pinot when I wanted to drink Pinot Noir.  

Now... white Burgundy is another conversation altogether.  Hopefully the Toronto Cru will be able to steer you, and that you have the time an patience to let whatever you purchase come of age.  Cheers!


Not sure that the regular LCBO listings - or even the bi-weekly Vintages release - is the best choice for high end Burg.  You will often find some good Burgundy in the monthly Classics release, though. You’ll find the link to the Classics section of the LCBO website in the footer of the site. The sale starts at 8:30 AM on the first Thursday of every month. Online at  

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Start with a subscription to Burghound. Or Vinous (although Galloni and team cover everything, while Allen Meadows at Burghound only covers Burgundy).



Once you've settled on a bottle you're interested in, use to see what the going prices are worldwide for that bottle. At least you'll then have a benchmark.

You can also check to see what the average historical price is for that bottle, including prices realized at auction.

And why limit yourself to shopping at the LCBO? You'll find a better selection of Burgundy at the SAQ in Quebec. You can order online and then take a road trip to pick up your purchases.

Or order from the hundreds of US retailers and ship to a PO Box at the UPS store in Lewiston, NY. Then do the 70 minute drive down there to pick them up. You'll pay customs and duty at the Canadian border, but it's often worth it, both in terms of price and the vast selection.

Sunny gave the best advice. 


FWIW: In your price range on the US market, the wines I personally would most be lusting after are (in no particular order):

Bachelet Charmes-Chambertin

Dujac Malconsorts

Clos de Tart

Clos des Lambrays

Roumier Les Cras

and for a slightly more "new world" but still delicious treat:

Robert Groffier Bonnes-Mares


But, of course, that is only based upon my own experiences.

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