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although it's a (small) national chain, and I don't know about their wine list, I know Kincaid's near the Redondo Pier serves very wine-friendly food and they do allow BYO. Check out their website for more info.

I can, however, strongly recommend checking out a small plates place called "Violet" up in Santa Monica. The small plates are rather generously portioned for a small plates joint, and their corkage is only $12. If you decide to go you should BYO because their wine list is short, overpriced, and not very good. I would recommend the roasted mushrooms, macaroni and cheese, and scallops. Skip the steak, as it was merely "good," but not great.

For lunch, check out "El Burrito Jr." on P.C.H. -- near Ave. D or Ave. C ... cannot remember which ... in Redondo Beach ... this is the best taco stand I've found in L.A. ... order the asada tacos, you'll think you died and went to heaven.
Reed's just has good quality food. i'd describe it as well made comfort food, onion soups, pastas, typical cal-french... reasonably priced wine list as well

there's another place called Towne on Manhattan Ave that is good as well, though the bar can get loud

if you're looking for a nice seafood place i'd also recommend Bluewater Grill in Redondo (has a nice view of the harbor)

these are all "nicer" dining/wine list options, theres tons of hole in the walls
Just got back from Manhattan Beach. We ate at Darren's and Cafe Pierre'. My dining partner thought Cafe Pierre' a bit off but I enjoyed it- and Darren's was outstanding.

Though I've had many good meals at Cafe Pierre, I realized this time through that I really don't care for the decor in there- all that red paint casts an errie glow in the room.

btw- Reed's is closed down- I peaked in the window and it's been stripped clean.
Originally posted by thirsty man:
going to be back in the area this monday night. Looking for recommendations - we ate at Jackson's last time and the food was excellent (BYO - only $6 or $8). If anyone is around and interested in putting together a mini-offline - let me know.


Are you looking to stay in the South Bay, or are you also open to recs. from Santa Monica, L.A., and Hollywood?
I am open to recs from around LA, but I am staying with my cousin in Redondo and he will not want to travel too far away since we plan on opening a few bottles and his girlfriend will have to get up early for work the next morning. If you have any recs on wine shops in Hollywood, downtown or the southbay - i'll have a little free time and enjoy browsing. Thanks,


Violet (Santa Monica) - see my previous post
Balboa (BOA) steakhouse (Santa Monica & Hollywood) - I'm going here this Sunday for my B-day dinner - 1/2 off their entire wine list on Sundays, they waive a corkage ($20) for each bottle bought off their list.
Grace - (LA or Hollywood ... can't recall)
Joe's - Venice
Fraiche - Culver City
The Restaurant at the Getty - at the Getty Center, plus you'll have the opportunity to look around at the Getty.

wine shops:
L.A. Wine Company - don't know if this is technically in Marina del Rey or Culver City ... small, but excellent, selection & great prices.
Beverage Warehouse - a couple hundred yards down the way from L.A. Wine Company. Decent selection, decent prices.
K&L - Hollywood - excellent selection, excellent prices.
Lincoln Fine Wines - in Venice or Marina del Rey - small selection, good to excellent prices.
Wine House - West L.A. - excellent selection, average prices

Of the wine shops, I'd recommend K&L first, and L.A.W.C. second ... of course, if you go to L.A.W.C. you might as well make the 40 second walk to Beverage Warehouse too.

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