I know this comes up often but here's my parameters:

* ~ 20 people gathering, private home
* professional chef doing the cooking
* he'll make appetizers to compliment bubbly for me
* veggie, chicken, and beef entrees to be named later
* need a bubbly, red, and a white, all good stuff, but no more than about $350

I figure a chard for the white, no real wine nuts there and I notice most everyone that really does not drink wine thinks they like chards.
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You'll need about a case of wine, plus beer, soda, and bottled water for those who don't want wine. You should have a few bottles left over, but that's better than not enough.

Keep it simple, one bubbly, one white, one red, 4 of each, or maybe 4 bubbly, 5 white, and 3 red if it's not a wino crowd. Make sure the red is suitable for early consumption, not something that needs 10 years of bottle age to be approachable.

At roughly $30 per bottle, you should be able to find some decent stuff. I'd look for a good wine store and put myself in the hands of the proprietor -- but I'd taste everything first, and check the reviews just to be safe.

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