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Guys mind helping me navigate this?

I'm thinking one white, one pinot.  $200/btl?  Mostly, I'm looking for help with a Burg/Pinot since i'll be with a guest who really likes their pinots and i have almost 0 experience.  He likes fleshy, aromatic and juicy pinots with no funk.  (i'd almos tlean new world but that's cuz i dont know anything about burg)

The white, i was leaning 2014 Kumeu River, Maté's, Auckland  or if the NY weather is too hot, going with one of the 07 Kabinett from Karthausuerhof or Maximin Grunhauser, Willi Schaefer

They also have a 2014 Chateau Simone Palette rose from provance that looked like a good pick.

Thanks in advance everybody!

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The Rose Simon is a great bet, I"d also look to for whites:

2014 Leeuwin Art Series - $225

2016 Sadie Family Skurfberg - $145

2013 Boekenhoutskloof - $98

2005 Knoll Ried Loibenberg - $175

2011 Guiberteau Clos des Carmes - $140

2015 Chidaine Les Choisilles - $80

2014 Grange des Peres - $198

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