Hello fellow wine freaks...

I've been absent from the boards due to having to procure some work to pay for my expensive habits. Oh, I haven't stopped buying (!!!), but I have not visited the site much over the past few months.

A friend of mine recently found out about my newfound passion. He was a big buyer in the late 80s early 90s and has alot of goodies in his cellar.

When he jokingly asked for a pair of Leafs tickets, I surprised him by saying no problem, but that it would cost him a bottle of GOOD wine.

Now as we wine geeks know, there's nothing quite like sharing a bottle of the GOOD stuff with someone who appreciates GOOD stuff, so perhaps that is the reason why instead of A bottle of GOOD stuff, he showed up at my house with the following:

1986 Chateau Lynch-Bages (WS94...10/89)
1987 Dunn Cabernet Sauvignon (WS93...11/90)
1988 Tignanello (WS95...11/93)
1989 Chateau Figeac (WS91...5/99)
1990 Cos-d'Estournel (WS90...8/00)
1994 Sassicaia (WS88...9/97)

These scores are based on my searches of the ratings on Wine Spectator and include the date of the sampling. As some of these ratings are old, I need some guidance on drinking windows - or am I already too late? When do I drink these?

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To steal a quote from an Indiana Jones movie

"He chose wisely".

All those wines are good long haulers. The Fignac is probably the only 'lesser' one, that is in it's prime window now (that's a guess though I don't personally know this wine or have experience with it).

There are reports that the 90 Cos is excellent now and I think Parker's 95 is much closer to reality than WS's 90 on that bottle.

All would offer pleasure this weekend, or over the next 5-10 years IMHO.

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No time like the present. In fact, if you need help with the Dunn, let me know. I can get you some Stars tickets or something if you are ever in Texas. (Do they even play the Leafs??? Shows how much I know about hockey.)

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I had heard that the Dunn should be the first to go and that the Sassicaia was from a relatively poor year anyways, but what about the others?

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