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I have purchased a used eurocave v-164 confort with the glass door, and at least 9 shelves. I got it for $700 which may be a little high, but it was christmass. I transported it to my home by truck, tightly strapped down, and made sure not to tilt the thing past 45 degrees.

I go the thing home and waited three days to plug it in. When I did, the was no led and the unit was loud. The compressor can be heard up to 30ft away even with the TV on. I made wure nothing was touching the compressor and nothing was, but the thing is just buzzing. If even causes tiny vibration on the shelves especially the top one.

When I bought it it was pretty clean except for some white residue on the bottom of the cellar. I am in contact with the seller (who was selling it for someone else) and they are willing to work it out with me and possibly take it back. I would like to keep it, but while it is working properly and I don't think it should be this loud. I know the LED is a simple battery fix, but I don't know about the compressor. Does anybody have any advice they can offer? I have waited 2 business days for wine enthusiast to call me back, and am pretty peturbed by the lack of customer service. For a price unit to only have on tech rep in the US is ludicrous.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Don't know that WE can help you much other than to tell you if they have a service person in your area they can recommend. I have had some issue in the service dept with WE in regard to Eurocaves myself. This is not a strong point of theirs. It seem that they don't have a great system in place for Eurocave repairs. The fact that it's not a unit you purchased through them makes me think you will have a hard time getting any response.
Originally posted by esumsea:
I live in Miami, Fl, if anyone know a qualified tech. It is unfortunate that Eurocave does not seem to care to provide adquate support in the USA. WE are slackers! One tech rep for all the US is absolutely ludicrous. Anyway, the seller seems willing to work with me, it is just the mystery of finding a tech.

WE tries to work with someone local in the area who they can call to work on a unit. I did have them send a local tech out to change a thermostat on my unit about a year ago. After talking with the tech it sounded like they have a difficult time finding local people who are either willing or knowledgeable to work on the units. Then he was talking about billing issues and most of all about the attitudes (like when they have to empty out the coolers of 200+ precious bottles to work on it). He said that is where some of the former techs bailed out, attitude of buyers being pissed their unit has an issue (can't blame them either to be honest). I am sure that these units not being US made is another issue. The second time I have to have a thermostat changed I never heard from the tech. WE sent me the part and I kept calling for the tech and never got an answer, so I ended up replacing it myself.

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