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Complete wine novice here who will be attending a dinner at Esca, in NYC. The menu is fish heavy and I'm assuming that's what everyone will be eating. Exactly what? I'm not too sure.

Anyhow, would you guys and gals mind recommending a few selections from this list? I'm looking to spend approx $50 per bottle. Thank you in advance.
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I've been to Esca a couple of times and the food is quite good (not out-of-this-world good, but still quite good). I would be willing to wager a small fortune that the list you provided a link to is slightly out of date. That said, here is what I would chose if I were confronted with such a list today...

The wines in the $50 price range (roughly) that stick out to me are:

2001 Schiopetto Pinot Bianco ($62)
2000 Jermann Riesling "afix" ($55)
2001 Pra Soave "Monte Grande" ($40)

1998 Barbera d'Asti Vietti "La Crena" ($62)
1999 "Campaccio" Terrabianca ($64)

I doubt this will help much as I would bet the list actually looks nothing like this. Just a hunch, though, I don't actually know...


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