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hey Everyone, I posted in the discussions forum about organizing a wine tasting evening. We'd like to incorporate the wines into the meal. Im hoping to get some feed back as to which order the wines would be best presented and which foods would accompany each.
We have decided that the main course will be BBQD sirloin, and one of the appetizers will be Conch Fritters with a tartar sauce. Now all the wines which I had selected were Red wines, so it worries me a bit that none of them will go with Conch Fritters and I would have to throw a white wine into the mix. The reason I hesitate is because there will be trivia qustions such as "which grape, which country, oldest/youngest, etc" and comparing a white to a red doesnt seem as valid. Here are the wines I was hoping to serve. Id really love to get some food pairing ideas and ideas about which order to present them. Thank you so much.

Malbec- St Julia Reserva
Pinotage- Kanonkop
Shiraz- Rosemount Diamond
Merlot- Columbia Crest Grand Estate
Carmenere- Terrunyo Concha Y Toro

Thanks for any and all suggestions/ideas
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