I'm wondering if lead glass can be permanently wine stained.....I have some riedels that I've soaked in some pretty serious cleaning solutions (sodium bicarbonate aka Proxycarb) with little effect

I get these stains at the very top of the glass

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Relax. Rinse them out with hot water. Let them air dry. Drink your wine and enjoy. You are likely at much greater risk of an adverse health effect from the wine than the glass. And the overall mortality rate is still 100%! I think if more people came to grips with that, we would all be a lot better off. Enjoy your wine!

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I just recently purchased Riedel ware from a wine accessories shop. When asked about proper cleaning, he swore up and down that the best solution was something he called 'wash crystals'. He went on to say that they could be located in the dish soap section of the grocery store and more specifically, to look for 'Arm & Hammer Wash Crystals'. Apparently, these crystals are not as abrasive as most yet they are most effective in removing stains, odors, etc. I have purchased them and a decanter brush, but am unable as yet to report on their performance. Cheers...
personally I don't think there is much risk posed by drinking from lead crystal stemware. But if you are worried, I have heard that you can fill them with vinegar or very acidic wine and let them sit for a few days... this should leach out whatever lead is on the surface and soluable.

As far as regular cleansing. Hot water, mild and odorless soap if needed, and air dry.

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