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Originally posted by eds:
Looking in the range of $150-250 for 4. BYOB with corkage would be a plus. Quick in and out/reservations so we can get to play at 8pm.

tony's for 4 with a bottle of their house wine would be below 100$ with tax. Family style and very quick.

i like winetarelli's suggestion of esca

Marseille has a nice Provencial wine menu.
Esca is great, expensive, and usually fully booked. We went to Dervish Turkish two weeks ago for the first time and will put that in our Theater rotation.

In the area, Thalia is enjoyable as is Marseille. Many of the other alternatives are Italian (too many to list). Don't worry too much about making your curtain since the restaurants are used to that. As 6:15 reservation should give you plenty of time.



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