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Hi I am hoping someone can help me. I have been wanting to buy some wine to cellar to commemorate my daughters birth. I would like to cellar it until her 21st birthday or later. She was born in 2002 so that's the vintage I would like to get also I would like a California red but I don't know if its possible. I have been told that the French have the biggest wines and would last longest. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Congratulations! If you're thinking about buying her some wine, she must definitely be out of the terrible two's by now!

I also had a daughter born in 2002, and picked up some of '02 Lafite as well as some '02 Baumard Quarts de Chaumes. '02 Bordeaux is very reasonably priced right now (given the hype of the 03's. If you're considering a white, the QdC is definitely going to be long lived.

Some of the '02 French Burgundies are going to have a long life as well. I've picked up a bunch, but I'm too selfish to share everything with my daughter. For example, Faiveley's '02 Burgundies are supposed to be 30-50 year wines. Most of Vincent Girardin's Grand Cru's will last a long time, too.
The '02 Mouton should be drinking well on your daughter's 21st birthday. Some Costco stores have the wine @$99 which is a bargain for a 1st growth. From California, try the '02 Andrus Reserve or the '02 Oakville Cab. from Pine Ridge. Would stay away from Italian Super Tuscans since 2002 was not a banner year (due to rain) and the wines are somewhat diluted.
If you bought her a case of d'Yquem, it wouldn't last that long. You would drink it first !!!. Much easier to leave a bordeaux alone for 20 years than the shinny yellow bottle Big Grin I think Suckling gave it a perfect 100 and said it would last forever too. Hard to keep the corks in it for that long, when its good to drink now.

I would try and pick up some of the first growths in magnum format. Those are all wines that will age and the large format will help delaying that a bit for you.
I'm just a wine enthusiast, so no recommendations on the wine, but I have found several local wine shops that offer professional storage for reasonable rates. You might check around your area to see if the same is offered. For example, a local shop is offering 12 case storage space in their controlled wine cellar for jsut $12 a month. sConsidering a very good wine cooler of that size would run you at least $1000 on the cheap, you could store for almost 7 years at the $12 per month in the higher end unit at the shop for about the same price...without the up keep and maint costs.

Just a thought.

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