As many of you know, particularly if you are a resident of the state, Illinois recently cut off your access to wine retailers located outside the state. As of June 1, you are no longer able to legally purchase and have shipped to you wine from an out-of-state wine merchants.

A move is afoot to create a consumer based organization that will push legislators to fix this anti-consumer, protectionist law.

As conceived, ILLINOISANS FOR FAIR WINE LAWS, will bring together Illinoisans willing to stand up, be counted, and to tell legislators in the state that the current laws need to be changed. The organization is imagined as a single, very loud, voice for Illinois Wine Lovers.

If you are an Illinoisan, if you are interested in this movement, if you are interested in joining this organization and if you are interested in working to help change Illinois' anti-consumer, anti-retailer wine laws then email me.

Tom Wark:

This is not a solicitation for money in any way. It's a solicitation for folks who want to see Illinois' wine laws fixed to be consumer and commerce-friendly.

All I need is your name and email address and I will keep you abreast of the organization's progression toward its official founding. Your email address will be kept strictly confidential and your identity will also be kept strictly confidential unless you specifically tell me you don't mind being identified with the organization when it launches.

Tom Wark
Executive Director
Specialty Wine Retailers Association
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Thank you! Got it.

The key here is to round up large numbers of IL consumers; to demonstrate the sheer and near complete discontent with the IL laws in a way that can't be discounted by lawmakers.

SO...FEEL FREE to forward the message left here inviting people to sign up for the consumer organization to any and all Illinoisans you know that might be interested in change the laws that prevent you and they from accessing the wines they want.


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