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So Costco hosed me today. Last Saturday, the Business Costco in Lynnwood had about 100 whole, untrimmed briskets. Today, zip, nada. Mad WTF?
Meat guy says, "My boss said me he'd tell me when I needed to order more. He never said anything. Sorry." Mad Mad
So I'm hosed. This was supposed to be the lynchpin of a large dinner on Tues for a friend leaving the country. I spent the rest of the day today driving here and there in the north end looking for large brisket. None to be found.
Anyone have a local, reliable meat guy who is open on Sundays?
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Originally posted by plinstro:
I don't know if you have checked Central Market- but they usually have a good selection...


Thanks, I had planned on hitting them first thing tomorrow. What I'm looking for though is a whole, untrimmed one still in the cryopak. Usually have to get those from Costco, wholesalers, or possibly a local butcher (minus the cryopak).
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Well, I had to drive all over creation, but I ended up getting one 9lb. and one 10lb. brisket.
I'll be doing a Texas-style bbq on them starting Monday evening or Oh-dark thirty Tues morning. As they'll loose 40-50% of their weight, it just won't have the same visual impact as the 15lb.+ Costco one. Frown
FYI, you Texas purists, I couldn't get pecan wood up here. I hope a mix of apple and hickory will suffice for smoke.
As a postscript, these turned out pretty well. My thanks to those who replied.

My only concern was when the slabs plateau'd at hour 12, and stayed at 139 degrees until hour 15 when serving time was rapidly approaching. I was shooting for an internal temperature of 200-205. After finally rising to about 170, I did what I'm told is called a "Texas cheat", and wrapped them tightly in foil in a 300 degree oven for the last couple hours. That seemed to do the trick.
We served the larger one at dinner at a friends house and it was well received. Gave half of the second one to our hosts, and I had planned on some bbq sandwiches last night. I brought home some hard rolls last evening to that effect, only to find that my family had beaten me to the brisket. There was barely enough left for 2 sandwiches. I guess I can take that as a complement, though. Smile

P.S. I saw the whole briskets at the Business Costco again last night. Mad
I'll try one of those when I have a couple days to devote to it.

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