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Okay, here is my situation. I am taking a gap year off of college with my friend to move down to Argentina. I studied in Buenos Aires last semester so I obtained a great interest in wine. Also, when my father came to visit, he brought me "Argentina's Malbec Boom" of Wine Spectator. after reading it I became even more fascinated with wine. I later learned that my father bought a case of wine the year I was born to celebrate. it happened to be one of the best wines of the decade. Chateau Latour 1990 Cabernet Sauvignon. And I take that as a sign.

This is what I need help with. I hardly know anything about wine and my Spanish is nowhere near perfect, but I can get by. My friend and I want to find a vineyard at which we can get internships. All we have is eagerness to learn and our strength. if anyone has any advice or help they could offer then it would be greatly appreciated. This is very important to me that I do this, so thank you so much for anything you can offer.

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Knowing about wine is not needed for an internship.

Be willing to work cheap, or free. Spanish is a big plus anywhere in the America's to get a job in a vineyard. Be willing to work hard, do anything and clean anything. You should be able to lift 30 pounds (picking lug), 40 pounds (case of wine), and if needed 110 pounds (empty barrel).

If you can drive a forklift or tractor that's a big bonus. I think it is the end of harvest right now in South America so there should be some work to find. It will probably be slow to get hired though until August (pruning), after harvest.

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