I want to say helo to all friends who like wine very much. This site is good info for people who like many kinds for wine. Execute me for my english, I learn it every day and hope to be better soon so we can talk wine about. There is many wise wine people here who help other people to know wine. Congratulations from Japan!
Original Post
And we'll EXCUSE you for your English, not EXECUTE (that would mean we're killing you).

Although some here do get slaughtered once in a while. Smile

Welcome to the boards and since no one else corrected you out on the topic word of your post, I will - It's: "HELLO", "Helo" is dragonish.
Hello and welcome to the WS Forums! How nice to have a member from Japan. In honor of your joining the site, I have taken the liberty of translating this message into Japanese for you. I hope that you enjoy your time on this site, and we all look forward to reading your tasting notes and reviews. May you live long and prosper.

WS のフォーラムへのこんにちはそして歓迎! 日本からのメンバーを持つこと素晴らしいいかに。あなたの場所の結合を記念して、私はあなたのための日本語にこのメッセージの翻訳の自由を運んだ。私はこの場所のあなたの時間を楽しむ、私達はすべてあなたの味見のノートおよび検討を読むことを楽しみにしていることを望み。生きている長い繁栄するためによろしいです。
When I re-enter the Japanese characters, here's what I get:

Today to the forum of WS and welcome! Having the member from Japan it is splendid, how. Commemorating the connection of your place, I carried the freedom of translation of this message in Japanese because of you. I enjoy your time of this place, as for us the desire the thing which enjoys that note and examination of all your tasting are read. You have lived, it may because is long and prospers is.
Please make for happiness! I wish much pleasant encounters with posters of winespectator. Making english sentences were hard someday and wish I do wine loving and drinking brings many people together for joyful satisfacttory understanding with each person and togetherness.

I like America and Japan to produce much more friendship we need so much worldwidth. Wine can do this. We have not production for very nice wine in Japan, sake yes we know making of this beauty drink, but it is not red. Frown Why we not making red sake is very questioned as it would bring joyness to drinkers of many drinks.

Posts reading is pleasure for time i translate it gives me time practicing English communications with new friends. Grunhauser likes to cook things very much, good things and many other things I don't see very much in Japan. Purpledays writes not so much for food and drinking but friendly he is very much to many good posters. Many good postings exists in this string. Symbol of niceness and contemptement. Why make troublesome existance tonight? We can get it on along together with groups of drinking wine individualities. I shall posting drink note of much importance to my wine taste now.
Honour remains yours, Wine Kamikaze, as you tower cracefuly above dwarfs.... employed on the wharf of mental fishing expeditions of the past. Look forward to your postings, many to come I presumably understand. Don't be shy, your english is much better than most speak of here. They think highly of themselves, but they do not know the basic rules engagement between vowels and consonants, and lets avoid the topic of punctuation altogether. Native they are still, we give them credit for that and forgive.

p.s.NWR - Which is your favorite pokemon idol? I hate to sound privincial, but I find it hard to move past the disarming likeability of Pikachou.
Welcome Wine Kamikaze! Post here often as its a pleasure to have someone from Japan visit our forums! Bring your friends as well! I have truely enjoyed reading this thread, and it brightened up my morning! Smile Big Grin Big Grin

We need more of this type of interaction around here.

Originally posted by K. Syrah:

Welcome! Enjoying your postings and this thread as well. It's like a breath of spring air.


K.Syrah, I think perhaps you meant to write...

Enjoying your posts
It's like a breath of spring air
I like this whole thread

You just can't have too many haiku. Smile
Pleasant morning with many sun shining in your lands!
How supportative you towards all. Smile I appreciated warmsness and greetings towards me and its makes my day such super fantastical experience. I am to hope for many interesting accounters with your friendship in course of conversations of great importance and complication such is wines from the world and favorite it is for many. I hope to stick to make good contrabuting with tasting wine and cooking good food and eating. Do you like travel? I like travel but travel is not easy all the time. My next traveling vacation not available for many passings of seasons and how sadness stays with me when travel is slow of coming. I very hoping of visits to garage wine makers in USA. Japan laws are not very relaxing when some want to make drinks in garage and housing buildings. USA is different and nice. Many wines are made of garages of course I knowing this is legalized easy from days of Al Capone and other interesting famous bootlegering activists.
Sorry for mistakes in grammar 6 o'cklock typing is very easy not so, too sreepy. Good joy!
To Grunhauser I answer with much heart warm feeling of Pokemon. Understandment of your choosing Pikachu is easy because fuzzy soft friends are very good love. I favorite the Nurse Joy working she does for Pokemon Center where hurt pokemon need treatments. Frown Nurse Joy and sisters give warm feelings to my nature.
Do I smell the Wine Wizard on this one ? I know you guys are thinking it so I had to say it.
Especially with the most recent post! And not to mention -- mere coincidence that both names are "wine ..."?

The only thing that adds legitimacy is the Dec. registration date....
To Grunhauser I answer with much heart warm feeling of Pokemon. Understandment of your choosing Pikachu is easy because fuzzy soft friends are very good love. I favorite the Nurse Joy working she does for Pokemon Center where hurt pokemon need treatments. Nurse Joy and sisters give warm feelings to my nature.

Oh brother. This paragraph was a bit too much. I'm having Wizardly feelings myself.
Oh!! Deer!! For sake of my forgiveness i ask you for missed written words. Sreepy is not correct, i know which fun was my saying. Much easy it is usage of babelfisht in learnig it comes from hard way of study amd mistakings. Coloring our living with studying how importance! true and always welcome.

Who is Wine Wizzards? Man knowledgeble in wine understanding must carry name Wine Wizzard. He does it? We are dig!
Wine Kamikaze not much whizzards of wine but studying most seriuosly such topic of great comlication.

rickym13, We are greet! Forget my english so complications, it is easy understanding for language of written nature, not so written language back to persons which comunication needed and makes this reading for them not great but difficulty level of high degree. I'm hope improvement near me. Basically!

^-^ fix mistake. "l" hard one letter we have to practice the use for - result for minimal existance in sounds and words.

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